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🌕 The Heroic Side of the Feminine

Women as embodiments of the Moon function as natural mediums between the Sun & Earth. The Moon is the height of receptivity, which receives and condenses all planetary vibrations, being the Sephirah Yesod in the Hermetic Qabalah that is immediately above the Earth (Malkuth). It is extremely receptive to all other influences & then radiates these influences to the Earth in condensed form. This is why the Mahavidya Kamala, the Tantric form of Lakshmi, is correlated to Moon’s Shakti bija, SHRIM श्रीँ. This is the bija of delight, said to give total gratification, as it represents this coagulated full spectrum of all flavors, colors, emotions, and experiences. It is the rich, satiating, thick serving of a vibration that contains all things— the Rays of each planet united together and reflected, in a form of easily digestible “milk” to be enjoyed. Quick and unconfined bursts of energy and ideas remain ephemeral and insubstantial until they are entrapped by the yoni walls that weigh it down, close it into form, and devote to its growth & fulfillment to become manifest. From receiving so naturally and devotedly, Moon is then able to give something special that no other planet can give. This can also be understood in Moon’s dual nature (oscillating between Full & New) and its special power of going from states of extreme receptivity in darkness to states of vibrant but soft and cooling radiance.

Women physically embody this dual nature in their possession of a Yoni (relating to the receiving, new Moon element) and the breasts (the giving Full moon element). This also ties to the way women in research have been shown to almost always be erotically— in terms of sexual response— bisexual or gay, but almost never straight. Their flexibility and changeability as mediums between the Earth and Sun is why they are able to shift quite effortlessly from enjoyment of the urge to receive (from those more Yang to them) and enjoyment of the urge to give (to those more Yin to them).

In particular, it is in the presence of more Yin beings where a woman’s heroic & motherly nature activates; children are the most Yin/magnetic beings of all. Men’s energy (semen) flows outwardly for a healthy woman. Women’s energy flows outwardly from the breasts as milk for a baby— and in this way the Sun and Moon are the Father and Mother. SHRIM is the bija that heals Venus, the planet of virility, and it is in the presence of weaker/more yin beings where a woman’s fierce and heroic side activates. Take, for example, the metaphor of standing in a field and a wild animal approaches to understand how women quite naturally jump between polarities depending on their surroundings. If she is with a man who cares for her, she might feel a natural tendency to move further behind him, etc.; this isn’t total selfishness, but an understanding intuitively that she has the power to inspire more virility and strength in him to defend them both when she does so (being a kind of personification of SHRIM). If she is alone, she might freeze or flee… but what if she is with her child? At that moment, she wouldn’t even have concern for her own body and it would be eclipsed by heroism arising from love and the virility that Lunar beings activate in others. Here is when the “fight” response would be most likely to activate, and she’d disregard her own safety as she shifted into the fierce forms of the Mother Goddess explored throughout history. The first time many women often feels true “virility” is in the presence of her child. In this way, baby deities throughout history have often gathered wild and frantic female followings.

When I write on men being drained by the feminine it comes in a sexual form— his lifeforce flowing out towards tempting women around him constantly, in a way that feels almost like death of his own body or ego in how desperately it wants to constantly eject to the feminine. It can be hard to understand as a woman what that really feels like or means in terms of outward energy flow. A woman can experience this in non-sexual and love-based way, from a different center, when she is in the presence of a baby she loves. In the presence of her baby, she knows what it means to be fully eclipsed by a desire to give and even to “lose” oneself fully in draining themselves for the wellbeing of another.

On a carnal level, the cosmic desire to give fully to a woman for men feels dark and even similar to death, which is why so many men throughout history have grappled with the idea of withholding their sexual energy. Women often describe the struggle of immense energy loss and the feeling that they are losing themselves when they transform physically into mothers, entering for the first time into a true connection where there energy is flowing constantly outward and discharging. They are initiated into a fierce and virile part of themselves that was not active previously.

This is why Yin energy embodied especially by children and women gives by taking. It is the space they provide by suggesting you to give to them, inspiring you to be strong, that they allow you to experience the full potential of your strength & courage. It is the same with other things as well, such as allowing you to display your knowledge. Adults are on a spectrum of Yin and Yang, as I often discuss, and Yin planetary facial features in my research are almost synonymous with neoteny, facial features that suggest youth (small ears, small jaws and teeth in proportion, spacious eyes, etc.; even the way women are biologically designed to shed more tears is considered to be a neotenous trait). Yin features in children inspire us to sacrifice our energy for them selflessly, and Yin/magnetic adults can do the same thing. These features have been shown to “elicit more resource investment and nurturing from adult males. Likewise, neotenous features in adult males may similarly help elicit the same from adult females.” In research, neoteny for female facial features have been proven to be more important than actual age for attraction. Even for a woman, her more Yin/magnetic female friends who ask questions abundantly and seem open to being impressed upon by her, who are internally spacious, are the one’s who become a mirror for us— giving by taking. When they show they want to receive, they help you see whether you are really capable of giving or not. They allow you to see the way your words and energy takes shape as it leaves you, and in this way it empowers your own virility. Yin intoxicates those who experience it in a similar way to alcohol, to where you start revealing endless things about yourself from the looseness (that then becomes an opportunity for self-knowledge & reflection). All of this helps to highlight the interplay between Venus & Moon with Kamala that I mentioned in my recent Beauty Astrology video; ferocity and virility exists in correlation to the softness and need for protection that inspires it. In the presence of a soft and gentle person, one’s strength is activated. In the presence of a curious person, one’s storehouse of knowledge is activated to be discharged, and we are inspired to gain more knowledge. In that way, while a gift is usually considered to be some offering of excess or abundance, sometimes the greatest gift we can encounter from another is their “suction”, the dark areas of emptiness, ignorance, or need that they present to us.


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