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The Doorway to Lilith

Goya- "Witches' Flight"

The illusion of space is something that women throughout time have been said to have a particular affinity for transcending, such as in many cultures certain women (witches) being described as capable of “flying" freely through the night. This relates to the feminine natural power of embodying illusion (while male power lies in piercing through illusion). What really separates me in my apartment writing this, from you? The answer is not any ocean, land, walls— but illusion. Any personal conviction of division causes us to fall into the hands of Maya, which is why illusion is likened to the mechanism behind how a soul enters into duality— the illusion of separateness. When we concentrate on something fully, we are there with it in an energetic sense. This is where the stories of women flying through the night sky and entering into the homes of others, invading and penetrating into their personal “space”, arise from. In Judaism, for example, the night demoness Lilith is said to be a creature with long hair who causes nocturnal emissions in men who sleep alone, as well as "hag-riding" syndrome and sleep paralysis. Lilith is said to be the Queen of Sitra Aha, which is often translated as "the other side”, being a kind of underlying space or dimension coinciding with our own existing dimension & layered on top of it, that opens up in certain locations or through mirrors at certain times. Mirrors, for example, were often said to be used by Lilith to enter into homes and act as a portal to the "other side". So, those called “witches” (or center-less feminine forces animated by the uncontrolled & fierce winds of maya) manipulate and travel through the medium of this separate "space" and can enter the other side at will. Pious Jews often keep what is known as a Mezuzah at the doorway of each entry point of every room in their home. It is said that if one of letters of this charm fades or it is made improperly, Lilith can access the space of that room through her ability to manipulate the illusion of space.

Because Lilith is a "spirit of the air" and owns the space of the other side, she is the embodiment of the feminine force that can cause certain individuals, who fall under her particular power, to get pulled into this separate dimension. She is described as the "doorway" into this liminal space through the medium of human women, who are animated by this energy and have the potential of becoming “witches” who tempt & mislead people to fall into it. This is very revealing as to the deeper meaning behind the latin phrase Foemina janua diabuli, “woman is the door to the devil”— as a powerfully tempting force of reality that tests the worth, strength, and conviction of those who encounter her. Her name, when said in Hebrew, calls to mind the ululation of the owl and is usually translated as meaning "screech owl". The ominous nature of these birds of omen appearing is usually understood that it means her presence, and the indication that one is falling under her power or the influence of this realm, and encountering a manifestation of the "other side". These traditionally-described encounters tend to mimic the modern paranormal or alien encounter descriptions of a flash of light, and being trapped in a strange “space" that includes some kind of unwilling sexual encounter. Jewish demonology and folklore is rife with individuals encountering beings from this "other side" and either overcoming or being overcome by these demonic forces. The power of Lilith lies in the idea of seduction, a word which implies that the individual is beguiled and corrupted, losing their spiritual purity in a sexual sense.

The sphere or "space" of Lilith is full of her “daughters", the Lilitim, who danced before the Biblical King Solomon (who is often considered to be something an expert in demonology by both Jews and Muslims). Lilith and her daughters are associated with the cold, spacious, all-consuming & draining aspect of female sexuality. In order to understand the mechanism behind a witch’s power, one must understand the mystery of Yin chi or anti-matter, which is colorless and formless and yet can be cultivated and depleted in any given individual. It defies the notion that energy can not be created or destroyed and any force or energy that it absorbs dissipates and ceases to “exist", and does not create heat or an energetic byproduct. It goes to "the other side" a separate dimension outside of space/time. It is learning to manipulate and utilize yin chi that a witch develops her power and depletes others of their yang chi. A witch can create an illusory space and through which to enclose others through her mastery over the air and space element, having transcended it. Her personal "space" is then dangerously ever-expanding and overcoming the spaces of those around her through her continuous cultivation of Yin chi. This is why she becomes "the Universe" for those she expands and encloses and entraps, because they fall under the power of her “simulation", but have no connection to truth or the ability to transcend or escape it. This is why this is the dark element of the feminine that is the flip side of the coin of the same motherly, nurturing illusion in which we are currently all contained.

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