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The Curse of Intellectualism for the Occultist

The evocation of spirits is something that often holds a strong fascination for the newcomer to Occultism, so much so that people seem to lie more often about doing it than anything else. The reason for this is not because it is especially difficult, but due to the average person's total lack of ability to access the astral plane and their Ketu. This is not something new and is the reason why ceremonial magic, which was created by mostly urban intellectuals, is full of individuals who tend to lie about being able to conjure or control spirits for magical purposes. If one goes to a more rural area or countries with more difficult economies, we find very powerful individuals who are well-versed in these practices. Why does poverty and rural areas lead to an increase in real occultists? It all comes down to incentive. If one is born in a poor area there are less distractions on the physical plane to lure one away from paying attention to the subtle and the hidden. Living in the country puts one more in contact with the astral plane and Ketu, which is why rural people have a reputation of being superstitious. Aside from living in a rural area, poverty and difficult physical conditions also create a strong desire for liberation from the conditions and a desire to go inward to escape the upsetting external conditions. There is also, due to scarcity and disease, more pressure to actually succeed at magickal practices that bring power and success, as all of one's illusions of grandeur are easily shattered by harsh ego-breaking external conditions. It is also for this same reason that Western society is so full of incompetent occult practitioners who attempt to give advice to others without knowing anything at all, as it is easier to preserve their ego and self-delusion (Rahu), due to the comforts of modern society. We find many false ideas, such as cursing bringing bad karma (which it does not when it's properly used and understood), etc. all taken as gospel by new-agers who are simply unable to discern truth from fantasy due to Rahu's external and materialistic nature. This is why we find Western individuals dressing up and adopting foreign cultures (as discussed in the last article), believing it gives them some special spiritual power or virtue, as they believe that if they imitate them externally they will somehow gain inner power. Despite the advantages of rural life or economic poverty towards Occult development, this is not to say that one should seek to move to a poorer area to become more magically powerful, as learning to go inward and actually gain Occult power with all the temptations and deceptions of modern society is not only possible, but even more worthwhile, as it is done through one's willpower and isn't forced upon us by external circumstances.

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