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The experience of leaving your physical body and suddenly being outside of it can be initially very disorienting. The realization that a person is not bound to their physical form-- and all the new freedoms that open up from that-- is enough to create a serious disturbance in the mind. The biggest issues that arise are usually of a sexual nature and stem from the fact that most people are not exactly honest about their actual sexual nature for a variety of reasons. These can be from insecurities about their physical body, from limitations put on them from religion, society, or pressure from friends or family. All of this rapidly dissipates when a person leaves their physical body and has the experience of acting instantly on their instinct and urges, in an authentic manner only revealed on the astral (where the libido propels us, not the physical body or rational mind). Few people admit what really sexually excites them due to the nature of arousal being that it destroys the ego, and so there is a kind of mental censor created between what one will admit to themselves sexually arouses them, and what actually does.

There are also many practices that are quite fringe on the physical but that many men and women have a strong desire for and so are more common in the dream plane because it is the only outlet for engaging in them. Take, for example, what is described as "virile behavior" exhibited by many women, even Vatsyayana when he wrote the Kama Sutra. It was well known by him that many women would create stone or wood phalluses and use them. This is described in detail along with the methods they would use to get the men to submit to the penetration, which were usually kissing the cheek and pressing his face into her breasts while shushing his protests until he gave in to her advances. The Kama Sutra is full of the details regarding different sexual impulses such as this, and reflecting on your own astral sexual experiences casts light on your own nature and temptations to allow you to begin to control them to ensure they are in accordance with your will; as in an initial impure state, one can act wildly and dangerously on the astral, but as one grows, the experiences become more productive, blissful, and directed to one's will. People will do a lot more in the privacy of their own dreams or non-physical body that they would otherwise be too embarrassed to do, and this plane is often the outlet for the energy. It is important to understand that the person has every right to discover and fulfill their true sexual desires and eliminate all shame or self-disgust regarding the authentic sexual expression of their soul. Humanity has long been placed under false restrictions regarding sexual activity. To limit sex as a mere procreative function is to literally flip its true purpose backwards. The true spiritual purpose of sex is pleasure, and the creation of children is literally nothing more than a mechanism of nature that hijacked the sensation and placed humanity into her service, and enslaves them under her power to the physical world. This is why Gnostics regard all sexual activity which does not create a child as superior to any act that does. Religion, because it is under the Dharma houses, deals with procreation and creation of physical children. This is why it is always all around the world focused on procreation as a moral obligation in regards to sex. Occultism does not have this as its main goal, and there is no benefit to creating physical children from an occult standpoint, unless one requires it for the fulfillment of their true will. When a person leaves their body, the astral experiences of a sexual nature are just as tangible and real as those felt in the physical-- in a certain sense even more tactile, because there is no friction or interference of the physical body blocking the exchange of magnetic energy that generates pleasure as there is on the physical. It can be said with utmost certainty from anyone who has experienced it that sex in one's fully developed and trained non-physical body is far more pleasurable than anything possible while in your physical body. The dangers of the astral plane are essentially the primary obstacle to all spiritual seekers because unless a person seriously guards their mind, they can easily fall under illusions and deceptions that are skillfully created and employed by predatory sexual beings. The average person with no training in prayer or meditation is always prone towards deception; it is not only that they are susceptible to it, but that they actually actively seek out illusions and deception, and immerse themselves in it because they want an opiate and anything that takes their mind off of facing themselves and taking responsibility for their own limitations. This natural escapism is exploited by beings who craft beautiful illusions and tempt beings to immerse themselves in these illusions and accept them as their reality. It goes without saying that it is only people who are rigorously devoted to mediation or prayer that are truly safe from these illusions, and anyone who sticks to their practice will be perfectly fine.

In the end, it is essential that people understand that in the new age dawning before us that we must never criticize the sexual expression or activities of any person around us and leave them to their own expression of their sexual will between consenting adults. People have the natural tendency from the older aeon to constantly feel that they should control or "look after" those around them, not realizing that this is against the Law of our time, which demands each individual takes total responsibility for themselves. There is no benefit in suppressing the sexual behavior of any adult and the benefits (if any) of any sexual act become apparent to those who engage in them. To put it even more simply: "Every Star has its own Nature, which is 'Right' for it, We are not to be missionaries with ideal standards of dress or morals, and such hard-ideas. We are to do what we will, and leave others to what they will." -Crowley


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