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By Photo Dharma from Penang, Malaysia (048 Kelaniya Ganga Devi) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most difficult elements of individuation and spiritual growth for many men tends to be his inability to “break out” of the chains of his Mother, wishing to be an embodiment of a nourished young boy for his entire life and never fulfilling his responsibility of becoming the nourisher for his female consort, hiding himself from the dangers and raw truth of female sexuality. This, in turn, creates the biggest obstacle to female spiritual growth— shame and denial of her innately sexualized role as Shakti, which leads to bliss when she embraces it. A man’s inability to overcome his dependence on the mother is at the very root of those who cannot view a woman as both a wife and a sexualized entity, and force their wives and the woman around them into what they claim are objects of purity and virtue, while forcing the sexualized women that his animal nature enjoys into a taboo and abused corner of society, such as in internet porn, prostitution, “instagram whores”, and dark strip clubs, who he visits secretly and shamefully. His internalized entitled childishness puts all responsibility on the women around him, as if they are all his mother, to change themselves and cover themselves for his safety, and only reinforce his weaknesses instead of arousing him— so as not to force him to face his uncontrolled animal nature. This is the very essence of fear leading to stagnation, and truth being comfortably hidden so that a man doesn’t have to learn to control himself, but rather controls the women around him in very cruel and evil ways. Men around the world punish women who “pull” on his sexual energy, such as the video that went around the internet lately of a woman asking men if it was appropriate for women to be raped if she didn’t cover herself, and the men even went so far as to say that her entrails should be pulled out after the raping is finished. Men like this want to punish and take out their own inability to enjoy themselves without harming themselves on women and female sexuality, channeling their own flaws onto the female body which reflects their flaws back to them. If the sight of a sexual woman is too much for you to handle, and you believe all women should be forced to hide their true form in order to protect you— go back to your mother and hide in her and allow her to reinforce all of your flaws, hiding you from all that might scare you. Embrace your childlike nature and, by extension, a position of subordination to women; and don’t pretend to be a man who is in control of himself, and certainly don’t call yourself “spiritual”. The very root of the act of telling a woman to cover up is admitting her power over you, her power to pull on your animal nature and negative traits, and men at this stage are defeated by the very women they think they’re controlling. If a man really wants to win the love of the woman, he cannot do it by beating her down and forcing her to accept his weak nature; he does so by giving everything and all that he has to the woman he loves, and destroying all of his weaknesses so that he is not harmed by the women around him. As a woman, do not settle for anything less than a man who loves you for your sexuality and who enjoys and venerates your body, and do not deny him his needed access to the Goddess within you (from your own shame/self-restriction). Contrary to what many spiritual figures say, men need the Goddess as she is the most vital part of true spirituality. A spiritual man sees the purity in a woman’s embrace of her sexuality, while a failing man only sees purity in her strained suppression of it. A woman’s sexual expression is an awe-inducing undeniable expression of the truth of nature, and only a man who faces and embraces truth— the truth of reality and his own internal reaction to it-- rather than runs from it, can be liberated. The female body is the very essence of growth and development through the severity it induces and transformation it causes; without it is ultimate stagnation-- the equivalent of total death. As said in the Yoni Tantra, "Women are divinity, women are LIFE, women are jewels... Hari, Hara, and Brahma – the gods of creation, maintenance, and destruction – all originate in the yoni.”

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