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Punarvasu Nakshatra & The Female Path

Moon in Purnavasu today, a nakshatra of safety and a manifestation of the positive side of Yin and female energy. The key to all Religion and Occultism is understanding Kundalini and Yin energy. Kundalini is personified as a serpent, as they share the same qualities. Yin, being potential and passive, absorbs energy; if we use yin in a positive sense, it will nourish, contain, protect, and give form to energy. Our Kundalini within us, located in the Muladhara center, nourishes all of the other chakras growing on our inner tree, by being the root of our spine. The fruits that our Kundalini can give to us if we approach her from the Purnavasu and Bhuvaneshwari angle include nourishment, protection, support, and ultimately being contained and protected within our own private universe. If we transgress our personal sexual dharma, however, we face the wrathful forms of Yin energy. Every manifest being contains a certain amount of Yang energy, which is blue in color and solar in nature. Women are dependent on receiving this solar energy from the men around them (even a yang woman "received" more yang energy from her father than other women during conception, due to having a stronger Sun placement), which they naturally pull upward into their heart center due to their subtle body anatomy. Being Yin, they are dependent on this energy from the men around them because women, being the Moon, do not produce light themselves but instead absorb it and then reflect it in a more nourishing, cooling, unique way. Men have opposite subtle anatomies and a much more difficult situation in regards to their sexual energy, as it is naturally flowing downward and outwards, making spiritual growth impossible without many disciplines, control, and training. A woman becomes the spiritual grade of the man that she sleeps with, and requires almost no training other than certain forms of lunar magick, which must be learned. These practices are not based on discipline and require her to, in a certain sense, "lose control" to succeed (since women are naturally sexually restrictive), because the female path, which is Yin, is actually totally opposite of the male path. Through sex, she obtains all of his occult knowledge and powers. This is why for a woman, the first test is how to discriminate between what man is worth allowing access to her body, as it is the embodiment of power or shakti. Any man who is a sincere occult practitioner becomes materially poor initially, due to necessary contact with Ketu energy. Through reversing the flow of his sexual energy, the Earth becomes angry and does not give him wealth. This is why fairy tales like Aladdin, or the Princess and the Frog, or Beauty and the Beast, stress the need for women to not be tempted to use their sexuality to get with a wealthy man with no spiritual aspirations, and to choose the man based on his inner qualities and her true love for them. This is the first barrier for a woman on the path, which halts all growth for her if she succumbs to the temptation. 

Through practicing Maithuna, the reverse-flowing energy of the woman's body saves the man's yang energy from being consumed by harmful yin forces such as succubi or witches. Acting as Bhuvaneshwari, they give men the positive space and nourishment needed in order to grow. A woman can consume and store an unlimited supply of Yang energy. All individuals have a certain storehouse of Yang energy, and can cultivate more in relation to their amount of Yin. A witch, vampire, succubi, yakshini, etc. can actually consume human beings entirely into their subtle body in an astral sense, which is why sex with Yakshinis, Bhairavis, Goddesses, or any other powerful female force can be dangerous for a person if they are not powerful enough to maintain their individuality, integrity, and Yang energy around them. The more powerful the female entity, the more difficult this is for the person to do, which is why understanding one's sexual dharma through self-study is very important, as one can actually lose one's soul through giving into the wrong sexual temptations and be literally consumed into the flesh of the Goddess. A real Bhairavi, by the nature of the role, will deny no one who comes to her initiation into the sexual mysteries. When any person, man or woman asks, even internally, for initiation, they send out a beacon on the astral, drawing towards them a Bhairavi to initiate them in a dream. This can be the best or worst thing that ever happens to the person depending on their purity, as being Yin, she will come to them as a nourishing or consuming force depending on how they interact with her. A Bhairavi/Scarlet woman manifests both the Good and Bad aspect of the Goddess, whereas a woman who does not have this attainment will only manifest one or the other, never both. The Yogini Cult is, like the AA, a testing order; it is severe and austere, only to be approached, even inwardly, from a position of maturity and knowing what is at stake. We go to Religion and Purnavasu for mercy, and to the Occult to be tested.

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