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Phallic Worship

I get a lot of messages from women who want to destroy men or be "demonesses", neglecting one key part of the female path, as even demonesses do not hate true masculinity, but only want to punish men who refuse to produce or radiate energy. A woman becomes "feminine" from responding to male energy. A woman who is not able to respond to male energy becomes neuter . Succubi or Dakinis fully embrace their Lunar nature, which, like the moon, wants to absorb and radiate sunlight... which then makes her radiant and juicy like the Full Moon.This is why they visit men who sleep alone and discharge him, as he has no covering or protection over his phallus that is easily visible on the dark dream plane as a source of nourishment for them. He doesn't have to give it to them, but usually does so of his own free will unless he has trained himself. This is why to be a Bhairava, a man has to really want mastery; when a beautiful succubi crawls into his bed and asks to have him (or even to own him forever) the untrained man lets himself go to her due to the paradisiacal nature of her form, not realizing she then digests him. If a man wins over the love of the Yoginis through his development of true masculinity, which is willingness to immerse himself in the inferno of the yoni willingly to destroy his personality, this is what allows him to become a Bhairava or full male sexual adept. Men who are vain, obsessed with being magnetic and having women pursue them, or enjoy victimizing women, flee from the yoni, as it destroys a man's ability to be indulgent in egotistical pursuits. To be a Bhairava, he must be like Shiva and take nothing from women, only giving to them. Due to the destructive heat of the yoni, when he is masculinized he becomes hated by all others; his conquering and redeeming of female energies makes him "beastly" or virile (the path of the beast). This makes the average men and women (immersed in the undifferentiated yin field) run in fear of him or treat him as "satanic" due to the wild and antisocial nature of true masculinity. The gift a man's female consort gives a him is the destruction of all of his weakness and internal flaws if he approaches her in the right way (rather than being totally destroyed if he approaches her in the wrong or unwilled way). She can virilize him and grant him freedom from being eaten by other feminine forces who do not love him

Many women approach the female path wanting to destroy men or because they dislike masculine energy asserted on them, but unfortunately to be a Yogini you have to love and relish the phallus, and lust after it and desire it. The Yoginis and demonesses only attempt to emasculate, destroy, or overcome men out of spite, to see if they are pure of heart or not. They respect only true masculinity, and attack and destroy men who are selfish or do not want to individuate, as they can't tolerate anything else. This is how a woman must be on the female path, only loving the man who imitates Bhairava and who labours constantly to redeem her sexually, and never settling for anything less. A woman derives her feminine power and beauty from her ability to absorb male energy; this is why Dhumavati, the woman without a husband, is depicted as ugly and asymmetrical, as yang energy produces symmetry. A woman who consciously derives pleasure out of destroying male energy becomes very ugly and cannot seduce men, as they throw away their lunar nature. She becomes sterile and can never create anything, and disperses in the void eventually. While a man fails from losing his seed to the wrong source, a woman fails from either opening up to the wrong source, or opening up to nothing (the path of the vampire or the path of the witch, failing to become a scarlet woman; the latter two becoming only the new moon aspect and dispersing into the void, as opposed to the scarlet woman path, which can become the full or the new moon, healing or harming as required). If a woman, even for a second, were to become intoxicated with her power and become egotistical towards true masculinity (such as Shiva or her real consort) she would become destroyed, failing at her path of agape (love). When a woman becomes rigid she loses all female power, as the female derives her power from being soft, which then overcomes the hard. This is why women who most often desire "power" have the least. For way more information on this, I recommend the video on my YouTube channel "The Spiritual Path Told Through Beauty and the Beast" which shows the depth of the male and female paths and how they relate to one another. 

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