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New Astrological Research Documentary! 🥀 Bharani Nakshatra in the Modern World

I have just posted a new video exploring Bharani Nakshatra in the Modern World, the lunar mansion from 13° 20′ – 26°40′ Aries (sidereal). This is part 1 of a 2 part series exploring the ancient mythic & archetypal themes of this nakshatra... working to find its pulse in the stories we still tell & play out, in our modern works, lives, relationships. The consistency of the patterns in the philosophies, passions, and artwork of the people born under this nakshatra are beautifully shocking.

Bharani is undoubtedly one of the most deeply romantic nakshatras I’ve studied. These Venusians born under the agency of the God of Death explore concepts of death-defying love. They share with the collective intricate understandings of the nature of soulmates & the spinning wheel of death and rebirth. They possess an innately spiritual nature and a true passion for studying past lives, karma, love bonds, the afterlife experience, & reincarnation.

Come with me on a unique journey that starts at what one would usually consider the “end” (death)… and ends with our beginnings: birth through the divine Yoni portal.🔻

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