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Men are Mantras; Women are Vidyas

From my instagram, @claire.nakti in 2017

Some thoughts inspired by a question of a client 😊 thank you to him😙 ... Women are embodiments of power... that is to say, Shakti. Here in lies the danger of the female force, which is likened unto a serpent🐍, an embodiment of Kundalini or earth energy. It is often said that the kiss or glance of a woman is worse than the bite of a cobra, indicating the dangers to one's nervous system and being from allowing oneself to be "bitten" or seduced by a woman and lose control around her. If one were to lose control of a serpent and be bitten and die by poison, this would be a merciful fate compared to what is possible if one loses control of one's sexuality to a woman. A woman can absorb an unlimited amount of solar energy but only ever submits and yields her "milk" or blessing to the man who succeeds in totally filling her moon/mind/sensorium with solar light. She yields to him and encompasses him with Yin energy, consuming him but protecting and holding him like a baby in her heart. In this way, she becomes his Universe and he becomes the light and star whom she adores with a tenderness that a mother feels towards her baby, feeding him with the milk produced from her desire to support, nourish, and give back to the radiant sun/son who is both her lover and her consort. This is why the consort is identical with one's true mother in Tantra, being the point in the void that one emanated from at the creation of the Universe. A woman for a man is his vessel and "home" and it is the fate of all men to be absorbed into a woman, who becomes his Universe. In this mystery lies a great danger and terror, however, which is that there is a real possibility of being absorbed sexually into a woman who is not your "home", and because she only has one star that she holds in her heart (which is the being which emanated out of her at the beginning of creation) any individual who is absorbed into her being loses his individuality, as she absorbs all of the sexual energy he directs at her, but she never yields to his impressions as she only wants her "son" or Sun who emanated from her at the beginning of time. A man's fate is a result of where he allows his sexual energy to go, for it is his soul, essence, and individuality. Men in Tantra preside over "mantras" and women over "vidyas". A man, when he recites a mantra, directs his powerful phallic energy towards a particular "vidya" or yoni, which acts like a prism and then shapes and creates with the solar force he is directing towards it. If a man worships the wrong Goddess, a woman who has the type of yoni of this goddess will open towards his being and begin feeding on his sexual energy. Because she is not "his", and will not yield to him, he can become absorbed into her being upon his death and lose his individuality and soul because of his misplaced use of his sexual yang energy. This is why one's choice of Goddess is a grave one for a man, as he is choosing his "home" or final resting place by directing his Solar energy towards her. It is every beings fate to be absorbed, the only difference between those who succeed at becoming liberated and those who do not is the end result of the absorption. If we succeeded at uniting with our true Goddess and she absorbs us into her being, we live in the paradise of her body, but if we misplace our devotion or sexual energy, even in our sleep we may become the plaything of a woman. The Goddess in any form never forces anyone to do anything, as she is the passive element in nature. When a man lusts after the wrong woman, and therefore the wrong Goddess, he can agree of his own will to accept her as his master and give up his will to her, which is a giving up of his individuality in a negative sense, resulting in the loss of one's soul rather than liberation of it.

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