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🌑 Is She a Seductress or a Saint? Demon or Divine? She is What You Deserve. 🌕

Bare-chested Yogini

One of the biggest differences for the female spiritual path is that it requires her to embrace her lunar and reflective nature-- and not suppress her natural reactions towards any situation (whereas the male path requires strong control over the "animal" nature).

From an occult perspective, a woman is always "right" because she is reflective and lunar in nature, and effortlessly responds to the projections of men around her. Much like how it is said that the true purpose of a guru is to be a mirror for you to find your own flaws, so too does a woman function this way if she allows her power to flow and does not suppress it. Because women are embodiments of the flexible and ever-changing space enveloping a man (like Nuit and Hadit) and reacting to his projections, they respond to and fulfill what a man unconsciously projects upon them.

If a woman does not respect you, it's because you do not deserve it, and to force her to respect or obey you through social rules and regulations, when you don't earn it in natural power, is only cheating yourself and your society's progress (as women are the gatekeepers to evolution and progress, in naturally rewarding the strong). That is why the successful societies of this new aeon are focused on freedom-- where the woman & her nature is liberated and exposed, with no false structures making her more "safe" to perceive and experience. Societies in history and in our modern world where women are told that they must respect and submit to men, or face the threat of violence, stop all true feminine "testing" and keeps men in a "nursery-like" state of false external order, masking his internal chaotic reactions. For this reason, it is difficult to embrace the female path in a culture that does not allow for liberated female sexuality.

In Tantra, it is often said that you are not allowed to criticize women to succeed at the practice of worshiping the Goddess. Men who can succeeded at this path simply have nothing but nice things to say about women-- because he's purified his own projections and is seeing the crystal clear light reflecting back to him. These adepts will always have wonderful sexual experiences with a woman, attaining one he finds perfect and completely sexually exciting, which is the reward of virilizing yourself, and worshipping the Goddess. To the man who has succeeded in embracing his Solar role, he finds women to be pure & heavenly, even in their most raw sexual state, and they treat him with respect without him needing to require it by law or through any artificial means. To the man who does not deserve respect, or who tries to gain it through intimidating women through violence, women are demons, constantly reminding him of his own inadequacy and inability to earn their respect and approval. If a man is not in control of himself and cannot control his sexual energy, he will often become violent when seeing a sexual woman, calling her a temptress out to ruin him. This is what she "becomes" because of his uncontrolled projection, and she responds accordingly and in a way that exposes his spiritual level of development. 

A man who can control his own sexual energy does not understand the idea of temptation, as it does not exist for him, being in and of itself a dualistic concept. A man in control of his energy is able to have sex with a woman who he legitimately finds sexually satisfying, and so "temptation" does not exist for him-- as he expresses his sexual needs in accordance with nature and his actual needs. To the man out of control of his sexual energy, temptation is all he can think of, because he is unable to express his sexual energy in a way that is in accordance with his will and achieve a partner he truly desires.

To criticize female essence is the mark of a man who cannot control his projections, and thus is a failure at practicing Tantra or Occultism, which requires a man to control his "Maya" or illusory projections into matter. Women are and have always been the measuring stick and guardian of what makes a man truly a man, by what kind of response he elicits from the women around him. It can be said that a man's spiritual progress can be perfectly understood to be a reflection of his own relation towards women in general, which is why in Tantra men pass through three stages in their relation with women and their projections of energy. The first stage is regarding women as a mother and that they are responsible for taking care of you. This is the lowest stage and occurs when a man cannot sexually satisfy a woman and embrace his role of Shiva, where he is the "servant" of Parvati (constantly wanting to gratify her desires spiritually, sexually, and materially). The second stage a man passes through is viewing the woman as wife, where sometimes he does things for her but also accepts things form her in return. This is the second stage and leads to some satisfaction from the women. The third stage is where a man becomes able to give to the women around him and ask nothing in return, just as Shiva does, and through embracing his phallic, radiating role completely, and on the deepest level of his being, he progresses to the third stage of having all women around him become his "daughter". In this stage, the man needs absolutely nothing from the women around him and is instead a source of radiant energy & nourishment for the females he interacts with.

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Lea Pugachova

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