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In the End, the Feminine Dominates🌀

“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.” -Carl Jung

In occultism, it is often spoken of the two types of civilizations possible: one female-dominated and the other male-dominated. In pre-orphic worship of the God Dionysus, only women were initiated into the occult mysteries, and men were relegated to an "inferior" state in society. The natural daemonic tendency of female sexuality-- which is to excite, discharge, and absorb male sexual power as they desire and without his control or consent, reaches its peak in this form of society, where through causing men to lose control over their sexuality, they achieve dominion over him through "enslaving" him to his own animal nature. In Gnosticism, it is said that the role of women is antagonistic towards allowing men to overcome nature, and that her influence is to perpetuate the goals of the Demiurge, and cause men to be deluded under Maya and the female power, enslaved in what they view as the prison of the material world, who's wardens are the women of the world. In our own society, we can see that we are currently experiencing a kind of transition towards a female-dominated society (as has happened in the past in different stages & cultures). Women are earning more, learning more, and gaining control over the major aspects of power in Western society, and a great deal of this has to do with the potential distractions and vampiric opportunities currently towards male energy through the internet and other sexual means. This is why many individuals as of late are attempting to destroy and remove any symbols of the previous reign of men on earth. For a man to preserve himself from being rapidly drained and subordinated by feminine forces, he has to carefully preserve and guard his own male energy. In the recent past, religion as we know it was a kind of refuge for men to perpetuate their dominion over the female gender by attempting to castrate or weaken their sexual expression. This "safe" form of religion is rapidly disappearing in Western society. 1 more comment below or read it on my site (link in bio).

Despite what your personal feelings are towards this, it is important to understand that true masculinity cannot be subordinated or overcome by any feminine force-- and it is this impossibility of him yielding that actually causes the sexual pleasure, satiation, and gratification of the woman during sex. This is why to adopt the mindset that you should be merciful towards men and "hide" your sexuality and save or nurture your partner who does not gratify you in the deepest sense is counterproductive. In occultism, it is understood that in the end or resolution of any particular Universe, the female principle or yin principle always overcomes and consumes the male principle (chaos reigns). This total absorption of every manifest thing into the feminine occurs to any individual that has not achieved immortality and removed himself from the cycle of time through becoming a spiritual hermaphrodite. The rapid subjugation of men to women who have become more powerful through absorbing their uncontrolled male sexual energy and essence is a result of this. To go against this process by attempting to preserve men who will not attempt to achieve this state, instead of allowing nature to continue her work of draining and consumption, is going against the Great Goddess herself, and her spiritual role on earth. The real nature of masculinity does not need support, validation, or even to speak or proclaim itself as such-- or it is not inherently masculine, due to it requiring an outside source of energy or support system to sustain itself. In fact, it is the crushing and squeezing of the yoni during sex that tries to get the male phallus to yield and discharge itself that generates pleasure to the man and the woman, especially when she is unable to succeed and instead orgasms herself. Embracing your female sexuality and unlearning false restrictions placed on you by yourself or others is the key to bliss as a woman, and the only way you can truly enjoy yourself in your female incarnation, which is in no way weaker or inferior to a male one-- but is the primary vehicle of nature, and gatekeeper to either heaven or hell. 

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