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How the Elites ACTUALLY Destroy You 👁️

“None can destroy iron, but its own rust can” -Ratan Tata

I have written many times in the past about the irrational feelings that arise in unbalanced discharging/Pingala-oriented people upon seeing something yin/absorbing/Ida that “pulls” on their energy and begins to drain them. The sight of a beautiful or sexualized woman, for example, initially sparks within her perceiver the force of pure passion & inspiration for just a moment— but in those who lack control and are full of pollutants, it quickly rots & festers into lust or anger as it seeps through his or her own internal impurities & blockages. Something I have not spoken about often in a direct manner is the internal “rot” of the Ida/absorbing/yin individual, and today as we leave Shravana Moon is a good time to do so, as Shravana nakshatra is the final Moon-ruled nakshatra, symbolized by the ear (relating to its nature as an organ solely for input). It is Moon at such a pinnacle of absorption and a type of blindness to itself, that it can sometimes unknowingly consume and begin replicating masses of energy that it takes in while losing sight or grasp of the source of the energy, and so instead feeling almost “possessed” or lacking control in of what it begins to say or do.

This sheds light on the dangerous element of all Lunar/yin beings, which is that they notice they are reflecting something foreign to themselves— an idea, a mindset, a behavior— and instead of taking responsibility for their own behavior or tapping into autonomy, they frantically attempt to blame anything Solar and radiant on the ghost thoughts within their own minds, most commonly “the elite”. It is the act of spending your life trying to point fingers at what influence made you the way you are & what is the mysterious source of your uncontrolled thoughts and behaviors, as there is no clear radiant light within you, no connection to truth nourishing the things you say and do: which trauma, which mind-programming, which elite organization, what did your parents do wrong?, and so on.

While discharging/Pingala individuals are threatened to fall under the negative side of Rahu, Yin/Lunar individuals tend to fall under the negative side of Ketu, the danger of falling under the thick Tamasic thralls of stagnation, heaviness, darkness, & ignorance. Rahu is the planet of originality and uniqueness, when you are properly fed by Ketu and so carve out your own path of innovation to bring to the world— but sometimes one has to wonder what is the point of even considering to do this, of working hard, of trying to contribute to the world, when masses of Lunar individuals who simply can’t control themselves will then start to throw the same bewildered sentiments onto you, because to them autonomy is some evil mystery & radiance is the devil. Is she/he powerful? Must have sold her soul; is being controlled by someone; and so on, the insane musings by those baffled by the Rahu principles that allow you to crawl out of the mud of the common & carve something authentically aligned with your destiny. Being “elite” is not a matter of money, power, or prestige (although those things often times arise simultaneously with unapologetic Solar behavior), but are a matter of whether you’re a being of internal darkness & so only the light of external Solar beings moves your thoughts, tongue, and behaviors around, as you are living permanently in a reactionary state, and then blaming others for causing you to react— mimicking and reflecting someone’s ideas and then blaming them for “controlling you”. In calling anyone & everyone powerful the “elite”, you simultaneously designate yourself as part of the undefined unshaped Lunar hoards, when in truth, being “elite” is a moment-by-moment choice of deciding to take responsibility for yourself and target your criticism towards your own behavior instead of trying to discredit and tear down anyone who has worked towards carving a place for themselves out of the masses. Transitioning from duality to unity means that you take full responsibility with understandings that all things begin & end within you, which is the essence of truth. Truth is holding a mirror up to yourself—whatever in reality you hate, whatever in you reality you love, whatever you fear, it is only you. If you control yourself, others end up being controlled by you (due to you rising to a higher position in society, shown by Saturn ruling followers and servants, and being the emblem of control); if you don’t control yourself, who else are you controlled by, but by others? The law of karma teaches us that we are responsible for everything that happens to us nobody can have anything that they do not deserve.

This is also shown in my video contemplation of the top Billionaire nakshatras, the people who essentially master the material elements of this reality to such an extent (as I show in the video with a Jyestha tale relating to extremely hard work, never “stealing” or blaming others or relying on others) that they become Kings of their own reality, like Indra, associated with Jyestha (the top billionaire nakshatra), the King of the Gods. The Goddess Dhumavati is also called Alakshmi & Jyestha, and is associated with this nakshatra. Her bija “Dhum” is Dhavana Shakti, the protective planetary Shakti of Rahu, which is remedial for Ketu (the planet of astral delusion and fantasy) and relates to overcoming this dark stagnation associated with Lunar behavior (as Jyestha is the exaltation of Ketu and was top for billionaires). Dhumavati holds the winnowing basket, separating the good from the bad, and fixes 6th house issues which primarily focus on fixating your criticism on yourself and only yourself, rooting out all of your own impurities and weakness that block your radiance, and therefore naturally rising out of the Lunar masses as a Solar tower, and carving your own path through the power of Rahu. In our modern world that is more free than ever before in all regards, slavery IS a choice, and every moment that you decide to blame your own thoughts and actions on the powerful, radiant, or influential, you take the position of a slave— a slave to your vices and illusions, to your OWN inability to improve yourself or to achieve your destiny, and a rejection to claim the empty throne that waits for you. 👑

ॐ ऐं ह्रीं राहवे नमः

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