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How Female's Get "Drained"

This post was inspired by a question from a member of my Female Path course that she was happy to share: "I feel like I am constantly being drained emotionally by my female friends due to my natural desire to help them or provide them with emotional support. I am often feeling like they desert or take advantage of me when they need me and then deplete and abandon me leaving me feeling drained and hollow. I also cannot help but pursue men and feel that I am always broken up with or taken advantage of by men and used to feed their vanity or ego when they reject me. You give a lot of advice about men needing to avoid being drained, but am wondering if you have any information on how to avoid this problem as a woman on the Female Path?”

This is actually an extremely common problem in Western Society due to the comforts of technology making people have a lot more excess sexual and emotional energy. The first thing to understand is that the female path is dual in nature, like the moon itself, which not only receives energy from the Sun— but also reflects it and radiates this light as well. While science has shown that overwhelmingly gay or straight men sexually respond only to their preferred gender (like the Sun, singular and direct), women almost always have a stimulated physical response to sexual imagery of both men and women, regardless of their mental sexual orientation. If we think of the Moon desiring to be receptive or to radiate (depending on its phase) we can understand that when women accumulate a lot of energy, they desire to radiate the excess energy to a more yin source, just a gay or straight male does to his more passive partner, and when they are depleted they want to absorb and receive it. The Moon, because it is inherently "bisexual" in that it both gives energy and receives it, is actually yang in polarity to the Earth. The innate bisexuality of females is also shown in their possession of both a yang (clitoris) and yin (vagina) sexual organ, which I’ll explore more in a moment. This is why women who are in stable sexual relationships and accumulate a lot of sexual energy, or women with more energetically-abundant nakshatras (like Jupiter or Venus ones) tend to get drained by men or women who then become more yin in polarity overall to them. The men most easily able to drain women are Ketu men, who often become obsessed with women who are married or energetically-abundant due to them craving the male/yang energy that their partner has filled them with. This is also the reason cult leaders often have Ketu nakshatras (as I describe in my Ketu dominant men video, citing many examples) due to their extremely yin polarity, which sets them up to easily drain off the excess energy that accumulates in bored, “full” women who have no outlet to discharge accumulated emotional and sexual energy, leading to the unfortunate cliche of cult leaders accumulating a mass of female followers who cannot control themselves from discharging their emotional energy and worshipping the leader. When a woman is energetically-abundant, either from her sexual partner or from her own Nakshatras, she has to be very careful as to what she does with her excess energy, and avoid more yin beings from trying to drain it out of her and running away with it. We can see this occurring with women who get very obsessed with female friends or gay men and use them as a ground for their excess sexual and emotional energy.  These women will often become heartbroken just as a man does when their friend runs off and gets in a sexual relationship and then stops interacting with them as closely. They often feel as if a piece of them as been stolen, and it actually is not far from the truth, because the friend runs away with all the emotional energy that the woman gave to them, leading to her feeling depleted and betrayed. Women who accumulate a lot of Yang Chi have their sexuality become more clitoral in nature. Science confirms that this organ is somewhat similar to a small penis, and this organ is how she energetically discharges excess yang energy, just like a man does with his penis. This side of female sexuality is only safe for women to fully engage in when they are in a committed sexual relationship, and having a limitless supply of male energy, which can replenish her from her discharging it out frequently. Just like a man, however, she has to be very careful to avoid being drained by those of more Yin polarity, and choose her energetic confidant carefully. It is also this natural development on a woman’s sexual path that she begins to develop romantic feelings towards people who are more yin in polarity to her that leads to conscious bisexuality or enjoyment of other women sexually (also something I am asked about frequently). It is paradoxically men who are the most cosmically committed and attracted to their true sexual partner who end up having their consort develop desires for what is described in the Kama Sutra as “a co-wife” as an outlet for her excess energy, although in our culture this normally takes place outside of the context of formal marriage. A woman who is energetically impregnated with male energy begins to produce the female’s giving element, “milk”, and this brings out her desire to nourish something, just as she was nourished from her partner’s fluid. All women who receive a ton of male energy desire to have something that belongs to them that they can give their excess love to, and not have it run away and desert them taking all their energy with them. Men who desire a second woman while in a relationship; usually end up losing both women due to him being unsatisfied with his sexual partner, and also unable to satisfy her, which then creates the inevitable destruction of the relationship. A man perfectly satisfied with his wife and deeply attracted to her, who then concentrates all of his sexual energy into his wife and avoids all porn and masturbation, will find that she often begins demanding an outlet for her overflowing energy, because she has no valve to let her accumulated energy out— which can lead to fantasies with more yin-polarized people (such as exploring sexuality with another woman), as well as a desire to “radiate” his energy out through creating artworks, teachings, etc. Another way this excess energy is commonly drained from abundant women is through birthing children. It is this dual nature of female sexuality and people’s inability to understand it that often times causes extreme discord in our society and in the confused female psyche. On the one hand, we find extremely passive Aphrodite/Eve type women who are attacking feminists for trying to make them be manly, or forcing them to do activities that go against their feminine/passive libido; on the other hand, we find woman of the Persephone/Lilith polarity who do not want to be passive due to feeling full of male energy, and accuse the other side of the perspective as "supporting the patriarchy”. Neither side should deride the other, as both have an important place that was understood in ancient times with each women being given unique roles, but is sadly lacking in our modern times, which attempts to oppress all varieties of individuals into displaying one type of sexual expression.

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Shreya Naik
Shreya Naik
Oct 31, 2018

How do we get more yang energy without men... how do we develop it?


Shreya Naik
Shreya Naik
Oct 28, 2018

Great article I read it twice. I felt that with my best friend who was also my ex. But he was swati nakshatra could Rahu have same effect as Ketu.

I am punarvasu ascendant.

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