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When we think of something scary or dangerous, we often think of things that are overtly terrifying. In reality, things which are outwardly scary are the least dangerous because people immediately recognize them as a threat and actively fear them. In the case of deities, it is always the wrathful ones who are the most gentle to the devotee because they will not allow their worshipper to fall into illusion or deception as easily from their own impurity, as their function is to be strict and purify the aspirant. It is actually things that are alluring and beautiful which are the most dangerous because of both their ability to captivate and due to the sinister origin of beauty itself. It is well understood (even by non-religious people) that there exists only a limited amount of energy and resources under this dome-bubble of Earth. When one person has an abundance of something, this in turn means others are deprived of it. The Law of Karma ensures that only those who deserve it ever obtain wealth and knowledge, and those who do not develop the power to do so can never hold onto any they obtain. We have only ourselves to blame for whatever misery we have, and thus it should be understood that the scriptures tell us that we do not live in a world of injustice, but one of that is terrifyingly and ego-shatteringly fair. The origin of all wealth and prosperity is semen/shukra dhatu, and it is by absorbing this substance that women become beautiful and also generate wealth for their partner through living in their home, which is why women are said to be the "Lakshmi of the house" and are an indicator of the overall prosperity and power of the man in general. The more alluring the woman, the more semen she has caused to discharge/collected over her many incarnations. In this way, the most "beautiful" women are the creators of decay and poverty from the extreme ability to absorb semen and cause it to be shed on their account. Kali is only temperamental and wrathful because she is hungry, and she represents the unsatisfied and unfulfilled wife that is the red, dry, cracked, earth awaiting the cooling rainfall that is the semen of her partner. A man has the spiritual duty to satisfy his lawful spiritual wife to the fullest, and to really do this, he has to offer her his "head", that is to say his entire ego and intelligence, which has its origin in his semen. His cosmic wife is satisfied by nothing less than absorbing every drop of his sexual energy, which is his own mind and consciousness, containing him totally as his energetic Universe (as in the origin story of the 10 Mahavidyas where she projects in every direction and so becomes his entire reality and all of his perception). This is why the love of the Goddess is consummated by the spiritual aspirant who truly wants to give her his ego, energetically cannibalizing him as literally do female praying mantis species and some species of spider, like the black widow, to their own male mates. This is why Kali holds the severed head and is said to be castrating in nature; she will never be satisfied until he gives her all that he has, and this destroys his ego. In this way, all her wrath and terror is transformed into juicy and erotic abundance, as once she is soaked in his semen, she becomes Kamala/MahaLakshmi, existing now for his enjoyment and delight. It should be understood however, that Lakshmi rides on an owl, and these birds rule over the absolute darkest forms of witchcraft, which deals with the mystery behind why female praying mantis's do not just consume their male partners for nourishment to support their pregnancy (as was originally thought) but also prey upon any weak males of their species in order to ensure only the strong survive, which takes place on a sexually energetic level with men giving emissions to women who are not their partner (weakening themselves for something that gives nothing back). Semen is liquid consciousness projected out of the body at the moment of orgasm, and is the man himself in embryonic form. Where he projects his semen, his entire being goes, which is why its essential to have care regarding its direction. In this way, we can see why religions caution men about lusting after beautiful women who are not their own partner because many men keep their own personal Lakshmi beautiful from allowing her to get energy from men that she is able to spiritually crush and eat with her voluptuous body. This is why the intelligent aspirant initially approaches wrathful deities (rather than fearing them), who do not attempt to tempt or sexually excite him, so that his willpower can be trained over time, and he does not fall prey to the devouring mouth of a woman who is too beautiful for him to handle, never winning her real love. This is why Kamala is the final Mahavidya, as she has an abundance of everything; she has the most wealth, knowledge, beauty, and even destructive power possible. At the sight of a woman such as this many wonder-- she obtained so much in every area of life: she must be superficial or have some flaw. They will ponder every nook and cranny of her existence and find that she exceeds in all areas, and thus become furious and envious and hence, Lakshmi rides on/controls the "Owl", which is all the strife, misery and envy of her enemies, who cannot simply appreciate her for what she is, and, due to their own inadequacy, hate and revile her. If they had only taken her gifts with gratitude and followed her teachings, they would have found the most generous friend imaginable who would lead them to success, but due to their impurity, they end up seeing only the talon of her owl, which comes swiftly and silently and takes everything.

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Apr 19, 2020

Beautiful! However, most people will never understand it, I'm afraid. No wonder why there're only 3 likes, in spite of so many views.

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