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Contemplations on the Sacred Prostitute Archetype

In worship of the Goddess Durga, four sacred substances are used in creating her statue; one of them is mud from a brothel. The dirt from the sex worker, which is the main component of the statue, should be received directly from the prostitute's hands as a gift with her blessing, which turns it into the sanctified substance of Punya Mati (Whore's Earth). In the ancient Hindu tradition, prostitutes were considered sacred and as "ornaments of the city". In all places and times, there have been women who naturally fulfill the archetype of the Sacred Whore. In the Kama Sutra, Vatsyayana states that a true prostitute (in a society where it is embraced and supported), is "born" that way, possessing the natural instinct that copulation and the art of pleasure and eroticism is the core element in her search for the meaning of life. The Sacred Whore embodies a special form of the Goddess that works through her, and also reflects and embodies a defined ancient space within the male psyche, specifically which assists men weakened by the limiting, cool restriction of Saturn, and activates his Solar nature, realigning him with his ability to produce & give energy. She takes the energetic stance of passivity to absorb both his sexual energy and wealth, and therefore activates his discharging Pingala-Nadi, showing him the "joy of giving" without expecting to receive, which orients him towards embodying the giving rays of the Sun (the most masculine planet). Sun-ruled men (as I will describe in a video soon) tend to shift away from the monogamous intimacy which relates to Saturn (dissolving the ego, exalted in Libra) and Venus (romance)-- both which are Sun's enemies. The Sun, having an endless source of its own radiance, taps into the ability to give without measuring, withholding, restricting, or asking for something in return, and this is not found in a monogamous relationship where exchange is more equalized and beneficial in a wider sense, which is why committed relationships are more contrary to Sun's nature. Certain men who, therefore, are lacking in Solar qualities & need to increase their masculine nature, benefit from the heated interaction with a churned woman from whom they will receive no security, "dowry", societal prestige, children, or anything whatsoever. They teach a man that the act of giving and discharging energy is the supreme joy of the Sun, and is in itself the pleasure & reward. 

Through the purifying force of the Yoni, when the Sacred Whore is taken care of, venerated, and given rights and respect, impurity is destroyed in the culture in a cosmic sense. When she is marginalized and disrespected by those who claim she is impure and outlaw her (yet really just "shove" her into the dark corners of society and the mind, where she faces abuse and scorn), their society will be overrun with invaders and those who ruin and exploit the citizens. This can be understood also in that Dhanistha nakshatra is the height of the planet Mars (ruling the bloodletting, sacrificing aspect of male sexuality), and Mars is called "the bearer of welfare". People think of the welfare of a country relating to Mars as relating solely to the military-- but it must be remembered that the masculinity and bravery that is required for a solider, is forged during his experiences within the walls of the fiery Yoni, in the same way that it is often noted the way a man's behavior shifts after he looses his virginity. The yoni is purifying and cleansing, and therefore those who are willing to dive towards gratifying it become strengthened, and those who scorn it or demonize it grow weak or impure. In the Kama Sutra, it is stated that in ancient times, a man of a good-upbringing frequents prostitutes and the practice is morally & spiritually corrective. The reason for this deals with the dangerous creative potency of the penis and the evils that result from when it is unchecked by the purifying force of the Yoni, which is the "protector of the dharma", as shown by it being the symbol of his nakshatra Bharani. While some men have a very low sex drive, other men with a high level of virility and sexual potency suffer from onset of early sexual desires and energy in life. Through frequenting a Sacred Prostitute and treating her as an embodiment of the Goddess, he corrects his sexual behavior from developing in unwholesome ways. Many men who cannot earn the love a woman develop evil urges from their distorted spiritual nature and commit acts of violence due to having no access to the purifying force of the Yoni that prostituition would have given him. Sex workers are exploited in a country that does not give them proper rights, as they are said to be necessary part for the spiritual health of a nation.

I have before described the mysteries of male masturbation and how it generates "astral larvae" that gradually overwhelm him to the point of even soul-loss. In this article however, I want to highlight the fact that in Jewish Mysticism, it is said that any man who sleeps without the physical presence of a woman is susceptible to falling under the Queen of Astral Worms and Nocturnal Emissions, Lilith, who is said to thrive off of the improper use of semen and uses it to birth monsters and ruin the soul of those who she infests. Many Mars-ruled women in particular-- and any woman who embraces female sexuality-- are the bearers of spiritual welfare for the men around them and their society at large and on a public scale. The country of those who venerate and embrace female sexuality will see its sons thrive and grow up strong and virile, using their sexual energy to fuel brave acts and masculine behavior, rather than hiding their sexuality in the shadows, projecting their inhibitions onto women, and retreating into weakness and submission. The man who dives into the task of gratifying the Yoni will always rise up invincibly in every area of life, and this is why Durga herself is said to be invincible, and men who worship her and gratify women sexually become invincible themselves, through destroying their impure ego, just as she destroys Mahiasura, the embodiment of the ego. The very Earth Goddess he walks upon repays him for his sacrifice and due to his observance of the Dharma, which requires that men who are able to follow it gratify women sexually through vigorous intercourse. When a woman is sexually unsatisfied or stifled, the Dharma is not fulfilled, and the cosmic order is truly distorted.

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