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Completing the Bharani Nakshatra Series & New Bharani Ebook

My final video on Bharani nakshatra is now posted! 💀🧟‍♀️

In part 1, I explored Bharani's connection to soulmates, death-defying love, the afterlife, and reincarnation. In part 2, I explored its fixation on karma, revenge, and feminine eroticism. Today, in part 3, I finish by diving into some of Bharani's most occult aspects. I share what Bharani natives have been teaching us through the centuries on topics such as lingering ghosts, unfinished business, resurrection, "destroying death", eternal youth, the oedipal complex, how we choose our incarnation, and more.

I hope you enjoy the video! This series was beautiful to work on & now I'm excited for a new energy/project. Please don't forget to like & comment on the video when you get there. It helps my channel so much.

I have also now published my ebook "KARMA, THE AFTERLIFE, & SOULMATES: Bharani Nakshatra in the Modern World". It is a 66-Page ebook-version (for easy reference & study, including many illustrative visuals) of this entire three part series. You can access the book here:

Much love!

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