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From My instagram in 2017-- @claire.nakti

Chakra drawings by Harish Johari

For a man wishing to grow spiritually, he must learn to climb the chakras one by one stabilizing each as he climbs. There are three major stages for men and women, but the paths differ greatly. For a woman, she really only works out of two chakras in a functional sense. These are the Muladhara and the Swadisthana chakras. A female sexual adept in India is called a Bhairavi, who is the Mahavidya of the Muladhara center. In the West, we call these adepts "Scarlet Women". Both emphasize this red Muladhara center, which is the body and physical sexual appetites. Women are horizontal in nature, like the serpent kundalini, and embody sex itself. Women fall into three categories in regards to how they use their sexual energy: the prostitute (vampire), the perpetual virgin (witch), and the scarlet woman, shown in the diagram and discussed in a youtube video we did a few weeks ago. A Virgin/witch is one who has not stirred her libido yet or refuses to perpetually (remaining asexual, or who stirs it only independently), the prostitute and scarlet women are any woman who stirs her sexuality and embraces her role as a woman, however the fundamental difference is, the Scarlet Woman does not allow herself to be harmed by the firey burning heat she stirs up, which in fact heals her and protects her, rather than consuming and harming her, as it does the prostitute. The secret to becoming a Scarlet woman is love (agape) in Thelema, and searching for and uniting with the soulmate. A prostitute uses her libido, but does not do so with Agape or love, and so is ultimately destroyed by the force she stirs up; she becomes the consort of the Negative force of the Earth God (Samael), being used by him for destructive purposes only, and then is destroyed herself. A woman is somewhere on this straight line at all times in regards to her sexuality. A man's path, however, is Thelema or Will, and he must learn to control his sexuality in order to perform sex in accordance with his true will and soulmate so that he avoids the many traps and ordeals that occur as he climbs the chakras obtains the siddhis of each. A woman becomes the spiritual grade of the man she takes as he sexual partner and spouse, in regards to chakras and siddhis, but retains the role of Bharavi in the Muladhara center at all times, which is being a manifestation of the "Mother" on Earth. Bhairavi is a good mother to those who are good, and a bad mother to those who are bad. This shows that she embodies both the good aspect of the Muladhara center, which nourishes all the other chakras (being the foundation of the serpent and the earth itself) and is our root and foundation. Like Mother Earth, she gives birth to us, and we either choose to allow her to nourish us and grow, or we allow her to consume us (as the Earth mother often consumes her children who choose to use her energy in the negative manner). True Adepts offer themselves to be willingly consumed in the fires of the Kundalini without holding back any part of themselves through the sexual fire rising and consuming each center. If we are bad, she still consumes us totally when we are unwilling, and destroys us with the same fire that she liberates the adepts with. Either way, the Serpent consumes a person, either giving liberation or total destruction.

The chakra drawings in the graph I made are by Harish Johari

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Betty Bellah
Betty Bellah
Apr 28, 2021

Hi Claire, I'm always coming back to your articles and videos and each time I find that my understanding of the subjects discussed has increased. Speaking of which, as I was revisiting your YouTube videos, I found the one about the scarlet, witch, and vampire missing. Is there a way to access it?

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