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Building a Balanced Universe (Spiritual Workout)

Each and every person has the absolute right to be the God or Goddess of their own Universe. Every single person has an opportunity to partake of this mystery, but few have the desire or the ambition to become self-realized. The completion of the Great Work entails that a person experience a complete unified vision of the perfection of creation, and experience a complete understanding behind their internal Microcosmic Universe and the external Macrocosmic Universe. A person has to explore and understand their own internal Universe and how it matches up with the objective external Universe in order to achieve this. You cannot harvest the fruit of knowledge without growing a tree to obtain it from. Building your own Universe requires you to maintain equilibrium while constantly increasing your sum of knowledge through practicing spiritual exercises. The main reason why so many people who set out on the spiritual path go crazy and experience delusions of grandeur is a failure to maintain elemental balance when they begin performing evocations of spirits or practicing mediation and accessing trance states. It is similar to working out and eating a balanced diet. A person who lifts weights needs to understand that you cannot just train your left arm; you must also train your right arm. You can also not expect to grow in strength if you are not eating enough food. In regards to spirituality, our food is our mantra or spiritual texts that we recite, as well as the offerings of food, drink, or blood, that we give or burn as an oblation into a fire, which then feed us-- not physically but spiritually. This is the fundamental difference between Bhuta Agni, "spiritual digestive power", and Jathara Agni, "physical digestive power". Scriptures like the Durga Saptashi or the Holy Books of Thelema are designed to feed the aspirant with a balanced spectrum of spiritual energies that gradually cause a person who memorizes them and recites them daily to obtain spiritual knowledge. In this way, they are "spiritual training programs" that expose you to different challenging spiritual forces, but also give you the tools to neutralize the different threats that arise from the recitation in order for you to grow in experience. In this way, a person engages in a "full body" workout and does not train or develop their spiritual body with an incomplete workout and skip certain "muscle groups", which can result in insanity or distorted perceptions about reality. Going insane and developing a "messiah complex" has always been and will always be the major issue that arises from anyone who sets out on the spiritual path, because there are many forces that seek to tempt a person into adopting a false viewpoint in order that they prove themselves unworthy of partaking of the true knowledge. This is why in Judaism, Merkabah mysticism was kept secret due to the fact that those who were impure who studied it tended to develop delusions of grandeur and believe they were some kind of savior or "chosen one". This occurs with all authentic esoteric teachings, especially Jyotish. This is why a person should be on guard against fringe viewpoints or following people who declare that "they alone culled out the true secrets". A person who falls into distorted viewpoints about reality develops two personality traits that expose their condition for anyone who pays attention. The first is a "me-against-them" mentality. The second is an evangelical mindset, "I must spread my distorted viewpoint and make others accept it to reassure myself that I am correct." This is why people who adopt false viewpoints will constantly obsess over their misconception and seek to spread it to others in order to "convert them". This is why followers of false teachings always attempt to force themselves on others, and real ones rely on their own connection to the truth to attract practitioners. This is also why false spiritual practitioners always advertise and real ones simply put out information and rely on its quality to attract individuals who are interested. It is Rahu who rules over "revolutionaries" and also those who have distorted perceptions about reality due to their own inherent impurity. Due to these individuals creating an imbalanced Universe that does not match up with the external Universe, they wish to reshape the external world in their own distorted image rather than do spiritual work to purify their perception and align themselves in a position harmony with the external word. This then causes them to seek "followers" to drain in order to fuel their own collapsing Universe, which requires an external source of energy to fuel due to them having been cut off from the light of the Sun. This is why Jyotish is the "science of light", as it is a discipline that depends on your ability to perceive reality correctly and "shed light on it". This is also why those who adopt a Postmodern viewpoint and believe that "truth is relative" are barred from Esoteric knowledge and Jyotish, both of which rely on the person accepting that there is an absolute truth that does not change as the basis of how to obtain it. However, individuals who fall away from the truth do have a purpose and relate to the spiritual reason why Goddesses like Chandi consume certain human beings in a spiritual sense as sacrificial offerings.

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