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A place without sexual imagery is a place to be Shunned

As the saying goes, "misery loves company", but I would like to go a step further and say that misery does not just want company, it wants to enslave and control you too. As women, we have the right to say, create, dress, fall in love with or have sex with (or not have sex with) whoever we want. This is the God-given right of every person. The funny thing is, since making my account a year ago, it has been quite a few women, and far less men, who have had a problem with this. Many women want to tell me or other women what they can or can't do with their bodies, yet claim to be feminists. If you care about women's rights or the freedom of women, do not attack other women for showing their body, because in doing so you are actually contributing to that which seeks to repress the female form in its power and cosmic function. I am shocked with how much women will do anything they can to try to hurt or oppress each other, yet claim they want more freedom. As much as I would like to obey some random stranger on the Internet trying to tell me what I am allowed to do with my body, I'm afraid I am going to have to decline... In listening to and obeying the many deeply miserable women who strive to control you and your expression because they feel obligated to repress their own, you will eventually become just like them… disgusted by, angry at, and oppressive towards femininity rather than supportive of the women around you and emerged in the bliss of your own femininity that you have cultivated. Cultivating your connection to your natural feminine urges takes bravery, not only to face your own judgements and insecurities, but especially those of others and those ingrained in society. As I’ve said before, the sight of the female form, no matter how soft and beautiful and natural, pulls from others some of the most negative reactions possible. In perceiving a woman, depending on the level of magnetism she has cultivated, it pulls out the “true colors” of those around her faster than anything else, and so she finds herself often placed in a sea of negativity and spite as people try to shame her for her desire to cultivate beauty and to be beautiful, and try to pull her down into the field of those “obeying” the group ego, and remaining more plain in order to not trigger others. I know a highly beautiful woman, who, just standing in a public place, unassuming and modest, was yelled out by someone else as “just standing there trying to get attention”, just because her natural face triggered that person’s own inner impurities. Women, who are oriented in the Ida Nadi and are yin by nature (those who want to be on the female path) naturally want to be perceived and viewed because each one is a unique manifestation of the Goddess on earth.

In ancient India, the institution of the dancing temple girl, or devadasi, flourished. There were 400 devadasis attached to the temples at Tanjore and Travancore, and women who offered their bodies in service to God in this way were given a rank next to priests of the temple. Although this process of dedicating one's body to a deity in a religious sense is considered obscure or strange today, it never really disappeared, and is still practiced in secret societies to this day. Real religion is sexual in nature and thus why sexual imagery and symbolism is the true meaning behind the symbols of every major religion to be esoterically understood. Many people only obey male religious authority figures who renounce women for no reason as the height of goodness, but real Gods and Goddesses are very sexual, and sex is the true form of religion. Reading any accounts of a genuine mystic will show this quite clearly. There is nothing dirty or sinful about sexuality and it is the source of all goodness and holiness. In ancient India, courtesans or “sacred prostitutes” were valued and respected. Yashodara, commenting on the Kama Sutra, states as follows: "In ancient India, prostitutes were honored as ornaments of the city and the state. They were known as the wives of the city and the state took care of them. To frequent them was a mark of good upbringing and, at a wedding, the blessing of one of the wives of the city was required, as is the case still today. Consorting with prostitutes was not condemned. Men considered their use as a right authorized by the sages." The image of the lingam and yoni is displayed in temples, and sexual imagery adorns many temple walls as well, and this is because worship without venerating the generative power within human beings is fruitless and even cursed. The Silpa Prakasa offers the following viewpoint in the subject "Desire is the root of the universe. From desire all beings are born... without Shiva and Shakti, creation would be nothing but imagination. Without the action of Kama(desire) there would be no birth or death. Shiva himself is visibly manifested as a great phallus, and Shakti in the form of a vulva. By the union the whole Universe comes into being. A place without sexual imagery is a place to be shunned.” In the opinion of the Kaulacaras it is always a base, forsaken place, resembling a dark abyss, which is "shunned like the den of death.” Therefore, women who crave to ornament and display themselves, to be visually splendorous and adored… who feel the deep and strong feminine desire to live and create beauty of herself and around her (or display her sexuality), don’t let anyone shame you for it (calling it shallow, materialistic, attention-seeking, stupid, sinful, or— my favorite— “cheap”, because it is everything but those things). It is a role that only you can fulfill, and that drives the whole Universe in the beautiful game of desiring and being desired. 

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