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A More Clear Explanation of the Female Path

A Post from August 2017 on my instagram, @claire.nakti

This post from @ines.heals made me so happy: ... “Big thanks to Claire Nakti for her post on embracing beauty and the female spiritual path. Reading this felt like the final piece of the puzzle in allowing myself to fully re-enter the celebration and appreciation of my physical body and beauty after being on an immersive spiritual journey over the last 4 years. I did believe for a time that detachment from the body was necessary for spiritual development but giving myself permission to put more effort into my appearance and celebrate my identity through the physical expression of my beauty has been amazingly liberating and has allowed me to come home to my feminine grace and power.” This experience of the female path is so beautifully and simply said, and echoes what I went through as well—when all the sudden you break down the fear and shame that has been instilled in you regarding your femininity and material urges for beauty and aesthetics, and the energy you were so carefully repressing suddenly begins to flow, and it feels like the most natural and effortless thing, and yet it is ultimately the most spiritual. When a woman cuts herself off from her own feminine/Earthly/material power, seeking to renounce it from that fear or shame, she rejects herself in her essential manifestation. Femininity and the female form has been demonized and feared because of its destructive power. We’ve been told to hide ourselves for the safety of others, but it is clear that that age is ending. Women’s bodies are not, as many would have you believe, the SOURCE of sin and shame, but rather the vehicle that causes OTHERS to sin, stirring out and pulling on their own weaknesses and impurities. Do not be afraid to take up your beauty, which immediately means you accept that you take up your form as dual, BOTH a wrathful and beneficial goddess, like Parvati, appearing in the form that those who perceive you deserve. Not everyone can handle being around a woman who confidently embraces her femininity, as it causes endless lust/jealousy/anger/disgust and so is constantly suppressed and challenged. Don’t feel forced to hide or repress yourself to seem pure or keep from causing negative internal reactions in others; the reaction that a person has to this kind of woman only reveals his or her own faults in their relationship and reaction to shakti. How he or she handles the shakti is up to him or her alone, and no true adept (male or female) needs to shield their eyes from a woman. A woman can cause a person to drown in his or her own negativity, or can be the very source of a man raising his kundalini, and is therefore the greatest destroyer of evil. Your partner has NO access to the natural luxuries of a female and to his powerful animal nature without YOU as his inspiration. You and only you can fulfill this role for him. Don’t seek to imitate man, seek to become fiercely opposite him, to become both his biggest challenger and his saviouress, and remember that you must carefully choose the man who is allowed to shape you and access you, so that you can become the true manifestation of his Kundalini Shakti projected into matter. The shedding of one’s inhibitions in regards to one’s body and sexual nature is the gift that Bhairavi gives us by removing the blockages in the Mulhadara center, and is the beginning of all real spiritual paths.

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