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Your Flaws Become Your Virtues

From my instagram @claire.nakti in 2017

"THE STONE THAT THE BUILDERS REJECTED HAS NOW BECOME THE CORNERSTONE" ... I just uploaded a new video "Channeling Creativity with Your Ketu: Controlling Your Daemon" on my channel... I wanted to share this article, as it adds another dimension to the understanding of the daemon and its role spirituality, regarding how it grants moksha/liberation. In essentially all cultures we find the idea that the most spiritual people originally start out with some horrific and often strong vice or character flaw. In George Frazer's "The Golden Bough", we come across the clearest expression of this ever-present-- yet still obscure-- tradition of the holy, innocent, and yet virile fool who must kill the king in order to take over the throne and possess the king's daughter. This tradition ensures that each King is always virile and that we do not see the corruption and debauchery that occur all too often in other monarchies and royal families. Every individual has a personal demon/daemon which is analogous to their Kundalini or libidinous sexual force. This being is a constant companion (Qareen in Arabic) and is the fuel and substance of our own enlightenment and liberation. The foundation stone of our being is our sexual energy and the refinement, transmutation of, and learning how to use it correctly is the substance of the Great Work itself, and yet all too often people run in fear of their sexuality and deeply repress it, which is a recipe for disaster. No true spiritual growth can ever take place unless we work with our sexual energy and learn how to gain complete control over it. The Master, Franz Bardon (a Czech Magician), initially rejected a pupil due to him having no passions or sinful nature, which made studying the occult and growing from learning how to use them correctly impossible for him. To learn to use our sexual energy for constructive purposes requires us to study ourselves and get to know the individual daemon we possess and all of its qualities, which allows us to extract and synthesize all of our experiences and distill them into the bread and wine of Gnosis. In China, we find the 8 immortals, each with their own flaw. In Tibet, we have the stories of the Mahasiddhas who each attained liberation, not in spite of their flaw, but through actually using it to achieve this state. The Daemon in our chart is represented by our Ketu, and this planet, like the Daemon, is what gives a person liberation. It is not simply to sound spooky or contrarian that groups like the Knights Templar, Aghoris, or marginal individuals like Rasputin, state that only through sinning do we attain enlightenment; it's an actual fact. The Holy Vice that we each have is analogous to the exact Sadhana we are suitable to perform, which allows us to transmute it into the gold of self-realization. This is why in Liber Tzaddi it is said, "I bid you not turn from your voluptuous ways, from your idleness, from your follies. But I bring you joy to your pleasure, peace to your languor, wisdom to your folly. All that ye do is right, if so be that ye enjoy it." When your daemon is brought to the Sahasrara chakra, you're like a madman or fool who engages in his or her personal vice; it is as if God says, "Oh, look at what you have overcome. Now I will turn that into your crown". He essentially gives you a kind of license to engage in your transmutation of your personal debauchery, but without any harmful repercussions, and in a way that is beneficial for the Universe. What was once a mark of shame becomes the essence of your divinity. Your demon merges with your angel, and even your most seemingly terrifying acts are divinely-inspired and in accordance with the Universal will, manifesting to some as evil, to some as angelic, and to some as both... and to some, as divinely crazy. We can even see this in the tradition of Saints in the Catholic church and also with the mythologies of deities in Santeria and Hinduism. The New Aeon is about accessing our inner Ganesha, which is our Daemon/Ketu/personal Ganesha, and becoming liberated through our pleasure and enjoyments, which we should continually develop and refine through practice."All ways are lawful to innocence" and this innocence is a very particular kind, which each of us must cultivate and embody in order to fulfill the formula and Law of the current Aeon or Age. This is why drinking alcohol in ritual is required in Thelema, as it is extremely useful to learn how to unravel the internal restrictions and ideologies inhibiting our sexual energy, and allows us to live our own unique law and rule in life, which no other person can do. This is why if we imitate others, we commit a serious blunder, as we can harm ourselves by transgressing our own special Law dictated by our personal star. We each have our personal mountain path; following someone else's path up the mountain would lead to eventual loss of footing and destruction. Occult training is meant to be a kind of hobby that we do not have to force ourselves to do, but that we do out of a kind of decadent desire to master ourselves. Instead of forcing yourself away to perform your spiritual exercises, you are counting the seconds until you can have some moments of quiet time to practice them, as one would typically do with ones "vices". Our personal vice and most decadent pleasure is the precise means in which we are granted liberation. Ketu grants liberation, but when we call forth one idea-- such as liberation-- we also call forth its opposite, which is in this case slavery. Our personal demon can also enslave us if we sell ourselves out and succumb to our flaw.

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23 avr. 2020

Great article, but they all are!

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