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Because women are projections of sexual energy into matter (Maya) it is understood by occultists that they naturally embody the unconscious desires of men. Men are often not in touch with their lower centers. This leaves them vulnerable to being exploited by their own unconscious projections of energy by women who are animated to prey upon his sexual fantasies, that often times neither he nor she are fully conscious of (due to his possession of an unintegrated psyche). This is why in my articles I often explain that women are "mirrors". If you do not like what you see in the mirror, do not blame the mirror; it is only a messenger reflecting your own image back at you, especially revealing the state of your own sexual energy. As a natural vessel or Moon, women are so instinctually responsive to his unique state of Solar & discharging energy that these unconscious projecting fantasies of his live through her, move her, and drive her interactions with him. They essentially become symbiotic with her in how she relates to and interacts with that particular man; with one man she may feel dominating and lustful, with another she feels feminine and submissive, with another she becomes childlike and playful, with another she becomes disgusted and harsh, and with many, he can't have the gravity to keep her anywhere near him, mentally or physically. He is so "light" in force that his reflection is ghost-like and flickering. A woman's aura takes on the shape and responds to the desires & virility of the men around her, and because men often have unconscious desires that go against what his mind/ego believes is appropriate, or desires that he cannot fulfill due to internal weakness, many men are becoming increasingly upset by female behavior around them (and therefore disgusted by his own reflection, although he doesn't realize that is what is happening).

As he is increasingly severed from understanding & controlling his own libido's projections-- mastering himself and therefore the Maya around him-- so too are the women around him (animated by these projections) becoming increasingly "uncontrolled" & unpredictable, harsh, non-devotional and non-submissive. If a man views women as dominatrixes and is furious at the success of women, his fixation on this aspect reveals that this is the relation that he currently has with his own Anima, who has enslaved him through his own desire. He "evokes" her in this form through refusing to cultivate skills and knowledge, and thus stirs her to dominate him, due to his inability or unwillingness to control his sexual passions. If a man becomes confused when the men around him become angry towards women at large, and has only ever experienced ultimately enjoyable relations with women, it means he is in control of his sexual energy, and the women around him embody his fantasies in a positive sense-- as he is not a slave to his anima & she performs her inspirational function instead. She becomes a happy & satisfied reflection of the beauty and harmony of his artful energetic projections into matter.

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