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When You Curse Others— You Cure Yourself (& That’s a Good Thing)

Asura Vidya, a complete form of experiential knowledge, is also known as Witchcraft. It is the art of performing magical rites centering around roots. The experts in these arts are the Asuras and Rakakshas. Although almost always used for negative purposes, it in actuality can be used for positive purposes such as healing and medicine. The Kumara Tantra, written by Ravana, is a great example of the Asuras prowess in medicine and healing. Asuras and Rakakshas are not evil, as most think, they simply have destructive roles in the grand scheme of things. It is their dharma to destroy things. There is a religion practiced by these beings (although, due to the intense tamasic nature of these beings, most do not practice it and instead mostly harm themselves and others). There are indeed enlightened beings who dwell among the Asuras and Rakashas and offer this dharmic path of healing and protection to any of the asuras/rakashas who wish to follow the Dharma. It is from these Asuras that one can learn many aspects of healing and medicine. Individuals with Mula Nakshatra (which the Moon is about to enter) are often adepts in this science, as they possess a "demonic" nature and natural affinity for this vidya. The best writers on this subject in English are Catherine Yronwode and Draja Mickaharic, who explain this Vidya in great detail. As with any Vidya or any kind of knowledge, it is not "evil" and, actually, ignorance of it produces far greater evils. What makes some forms of knowledge evil is actually the way an individual chooses to apply the knowledge they possess. In truth, I am of the opinion that through this Vidya, a person may defend himself or his country. A person must be trained in the use of this Vidya properly, however, as even if a person performs such a ceremony for a noble purpose (such as defending one's country), they must perform purification practices and ablutions afterward as a form of penance. It needs to be understood that, like Mula, Witchcraft is associated with individuals who destroy themselves through their own fault. 

It must be understood that any curse done to another is also done to oneself. For example, if St. Michael is prayed to for protection against one's enemy, in reality the same force which harms the enemy is covering the person who prayed to him as well. By virtue of the enemy's inner fault and actions that are in discord with the Universal will, the enemy is harmed while the person praying feels good in the presence of the angel or deity due to a different inner attitude, assuming they are the one acting in accordance with Universal Will. There is complete fairness in the act, as by his virtue he is able to dwell in the presence of the angel he prays to and not be harmed, while the evil person-- when exposed to the same force-- is destroyed. Such are the mysteries of Witchcraft, the key point being-- what is done to another is done to oneself. This was best explained by Christ who said, "treat others as you would like to be treated". Despite our society currently obsessing over acceptance, kindness, non-judgment, etc, remember that when you are at fault you are thankful ultimately for someone pointing it out, as that is a blessing given to you so that you can change and improve yourself. Even diseases are said to be caused by unconscious faults, and that is why the attack on faults is medicinal, and the dreadful nakshatras are used for surgeries and healing (pointing out and dispelling faults within a person). What is far more frightening, in fact, is that we would be allowed by others to continue down a destructive path harming ourselves and others with nothing intervening. Some of us wish to destroy evil within ourselves through praying to God and asking for this to be done. By doing this in our own soul, we also call God’s presence on earth, and he destroys the evil outside of us as well: As above so below, as within so without. This is why there exists in all religions prayers of wrath and vengeance. If we are truly merciless with ourselves, and destroy the enemies within us, our outer enemies are destroyed as well. This is why reciting the wrathful prayers of one’s religion has great virtue, as we essentially curse ourselves and gradually remove the evil within us. Evil is that which is not in accordance with the Universal will. The will of God, the Dharma, the will of Heaven, etc. Truth alone prevails and is eternal, while the untrue eventually is destroyed, as it is temporary. In truth, there is no difference between a curse and a prayer. For example, if you pray for a person with Bagalamukhi, they will most likely (if they have a need to be prayed for) begin manifesting symptoms similar to if you had cursed him or her. In fact, the same force that you’re calling to, in this case, help the person, is putting down his or her ego, because that’s what the formula itself does. It is painful for that person who is not controlling their ego, but feels comforting to you because you want your ego under control, so that you don’t do bad things to others. It is also ultimately helpful to that person who is acting against the Universal will to help align them, even if it feels disruptive or destructive to their egoic desires and attachments. In Haitian Vodou and Palo Mayombe, when different houses meet, it is customary that insults and even curses are thrown at the people of the other houses, because it is expected that if you have any worth whatsoever (and are in contact with God) that the curses will not harm you. You are doing your duty by ensuring that the person cannot claim a false title of holiness and ensuring that they are worthy of what they claim. The same values are found in many ancient martial arts lineages. It is common to attack other practitioners or challenge them, in order to prove the worth of their school as well as your own. It is not considered morally incorrect and is actually considered more wrong not to prove the worth of those who claim to be something. In the New Age community present in the Western world, cursing is seen as impossible or dangerous to the one who curses, due to ignorance about this Vidya. It can be dangerous if it is not understood, but it is actually a form of medicine and healing both for oneself and one’s community when practiced right.

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