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🕸️🐛 The Web of the Queen of Astral Worms

In my older post "The Doorway to Lilith" I spoke of how a witch manipulates Space and the Air element to enchant & bewilder victims. In this post I wanted to speak about the methods of sorcery and manipulation that a traditional female "witch" uses. The traditional meaning of a witch was a woman who could stop the flow of breast milk or semen, ruin crops, or harm the financial prosperity of others, as well as alter the weather (such as causing it to hail). It is a "negative" role that revolves around harm in ways that are all especially classified under the Tantric karma known as Stambhana, which is the power to stop anything or knot the flow of lifeforce-- which is why all of the acts revolve around ruin or stagnation (for example, many of the curses would involve the tying of knots). It is the strife-creating element of the feminine role, rather the life-bringing or creative role. The prerequisite for the most advanced forms of female-centric (where the woman is in control) witchcraft is that she can manipulate the astral plane in her non-physical or astral body. In order for an illusion to take place, there needs to be a "space" for the illusory activity to occur, that becomes an inescapable vacuum that functions like a prison or container.

This "sphere" or "web" that she creates usually starts out simply-- like an astral hotel room-- nothing too inconspicuous so as to not awaken too much resistance of the rational mind, by not creating something too out of the ordinary or mind-boggling. Through crafting and vivifying the space of the hotel room in her mind through her repeated visits and visualization of the space, it becomes vivid and powerful enough to contain and hold the non-physical bodies or "minds" of those she gains control over, similar to a spider web. The liminal space that she creates on the astral derives its power from the way that it allows the individual who becomes contained and immobilized in the astral room that they enter to begin projecting their own secret fantasies that the witch begins to cater to or cause according to her desire with no one to intervene. That is why the witch traditionally is depicted as physically ugly, not using her own appearance to drain the energy and not even wanting to be perceived; she doesn't use herself, but his own energy/fantasy to delude him. This is because she is pure Yin energy, which cannot be perceived (as eyes are Solar) without being dispersed. For example, in the most powerful form of witchcraft in Southeast Asian Magic, known as "golden silk worm", women must prepare it and men can never look at it or touch it or it would disperse its power, as it is composed of insects and pure Yin Chi. It operates completely indirectly and secretly. This form of the feminine has the ability to completely embed someone into their own fantasies and projections (this ties to my recent contemplations on Purva Bhadrapada and Soul loss). This is why it is said that a victim of golden silkworms soul does not reincarnate.This is the witchcraft behind the temptation of a person entering a willing prison of their own delusions, removing themselves from making real impressions, similar to a video game. He forgets that he had room to maneuver outside of her commands and reverently supplies the witch (the negative/deathly side of feminine illusion) with his vital energy, immersed in her sensual simulation completely, similar to the "Egg" cell in The Matrix.

In the more advanced form of witchcraft a woman creates a "World" of her own through doing this repeatedly, a huge simulacrum energetically populated by those she ensnares, contained with her "heart-space". The reason why men are taught to keep track of the semen in Sexual Magic in groups like the O.T.O. is because if the negative element of the feminine gains access to your own energy, she can use this to weave a web out of your own sexual fantasies that ensnares you in your animal nature. This false world she is said to create is fully illusory in nature and does not contain a center or "kernel of truth" or spark of light that allows those who become ensnared into it a possibility of transcendence or escape, because it is wholly feminine/"negative"/dark and has no liberating spiritual light whatsoever that allows those within it to gain self-knowledge. Entrapped here, one still possess a consciousness "will", but are simply unable to exercise it as it is smothered under the weight of her enchantment-- their own inability to resit their carnal fantasies when presented for them with no restriction to hold them back. This is the horror of limitless space as as the only limit is the imagination of the individual who is entrapped in her "false reality" in which she encompasses and spans every direction being the "space" itself. All of the individual's secret fantasies come to the surface for the person to experience, which is why control of the mind is often described as the most important spiritual practice for beginners in order to avoid becoming enchanted or deluded. One of the bigger issues for a person that becomes spiritually trapped in such a "dream prison" is that it is so subtle and there is no correlating physical, practical response; the ramblings of such an individual are textbook "craziness" as perceived by the majority of individuals in society. If you tell a doctor that a sexually attractive woman is holding you against your will and draining your sexual energy in your sleep, you will be met with raised eyebrows and your sanity will be immediately suspect, so it is personal spiritual power that must be developed in this regard. This is why there is no one that can save a person but themselves as everyone must encounter and overcome the inevitable and inescapable tests that anyone who sets foot on the spiritual path and desires to raise themselves vertically up the spinal column and avoid being "Earthbound" and deluded, as most are. We all must take personal responsibility and seek to make every thought and deed in accordance with our will in order to avoid anyone who would attempt to control us or make us subject to their will. Serve your will, or serve another-- you are always serving something, but it is only a question of who.

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Sep 09, 2020

Serve the Supreme being.

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