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The Libido Fuels Spiritual Growth, Intelligence, and Beauty. Don't Sever Yourself from it.

I have spoken/written in the past about how the lunar masses prefer and relish hypocrisy and duality when it comes to sexuality, the libido, and the female body. These masses seek to punish, criticize, degrade, and demonize anything that pulls on their libido, stirs their animal nature, and make them feel out of control of themselves. For this reason, often times it is the women who are most in touch with their sexual power who are most violently criticized, simply for refusing to hide their unique sexually-centered strengths and suppress their magnetism to protect others. All of the comments on social media that are violently judging models, instagram models, and sexualized women follow the same pattern, which revolves around beauty or sexuality as being inherently "morally" bad, and implying that there is a trade off in a spiritual sense if you are physically attractive or enjoy your form. The idea pushed on women like it is the gospel, not by complete and satisfied people but by those who are bitter, is “I’d rather be self-realized than beautiful.” Or, “I went to college and am smart so I don’t have to degrade myself and show my body.” as if a female had to be ugly to liberate themselves, or that having plain features or an unfit physique is necessary to go to college. This link between beauty or sexuality and stupidity is all done as a mental censor on their part, and has no basis in scientific studies or physical reality whatsoever (in fact, science proves quite the opposite; in reality, science confirms the doctrine implicit in the Sanskrit language that a persons vibrational and spiritual essence is perfectly represented in their physical form). True female strength isn’t the sacrificing of beauty to attain “higher” things of the intellectual or spiritual realm, but of embracing femininity and its power so fully that you laugh at people’s attempts to suppress or shame your unique beauty and body, and you show them that, instead, aligning yourself with your feminine power and severing yourself from these childish & primitive dualities actually brings you the spiritual growth & intelligence that they will never have. It brings fast transformation and growth fueled by the fire of your satisfied, uniquely expressed libido (connected as well to your improving intuition) growing hotter and stronger in response, burning away your dualistic perspectives, hangups, and jealousy.

This all relates to the fact that the chief difference between true occultists or tantriks and the common masses is that tantriks do not create a distinction between reality and their sexual libido, but actually worship the generative force for what it is. An Occultist understands that their balanced sexual desires are inherently connected to Truth, and the root of all life and goodness. This underlying sexual foundation behind any relationship is actually the basis of the relationship, just as the Muladhara center is the base of the body. In reality, the male body is projecting and its first “attachment” to a female is to her form, which then leads to deeper levels of love. if a man chooses a woman only rationally and is not attracted to her body, he is living in a fantasy without having made the first important energetic connection for the male sexual flow, and this is why masturbation to porn is rampant in sexual relationships. There can be no stable relationship without a pure and strong sexual foundation, and everything else grows out of it. All emotions and even the intellect are powered by the sexual foundation, and if there is a false sexual foundation, the relationship will not last no matter how much you want to delude yourself. Sex is the primary and first consideration for a romantic relationship and if there is not sexual compatibility, there is no hope of spiritual development, because spirituality in a nutshell is the control and worship of your sexual energy. This is why a big part of spirituality, especially in the modern world, revolves around returning back to the truth and root of reality, which revolves around one’s own sexual energy, due to modern society spinning so much illusion and falsehood around this subject and driving a huge wedge between a person and their own life-force. From an elemental perspective, it must be understood that the Earth element is the most complete element, being a condensation of all the preceding elements. The earth element is, of course, shown as our physical body, which becomes beautiful only if we have elemental harmony. A truly “beautiful” person has the intellectual capabilities of having a harmonious air element, the emotional articulation and communication skills of a harmonious water element, the drive and ferocity of the fire element, and the stability and sensuality of the earth element. All of these internal elements then go on to produce beautiful physical features, the air element creating subtlety and length to the appearance, the fire element creating luster and vibrancy, the water element creating magnetism and charm, and the earth element creating voluptuousness or muscular size. Without the corresponding internal virtue, there simply cannot be the physical or external sign of beauty. On the contrary, any distortion of the physical form is a result of an internal moral defect. A person who is always angry or never angry will have a distorted fire element and lack bodily luster in the case of a weak fire element, or will develop acne or oily skin from an overactive one. This is the theory and practice of Ayurvedic treatment, which teaches a person to achieve and maintain an elemental balance and harmony within their own body for health. This is also the basis behind exercises in Occultism like the observation of the elemental "tides" that flow at the different times of the day, and also of rituals that utilize visualization of the elements to balance them like the "lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram”.

In Freemasonry, we find the metaphor for spiritual practice being likened to the shaping of a crude, ugly stone into a beautiful and perfect one. This metaphor is most appropriate and the crude, ugly state of the stone initially represents our own Muladhara center and libido, which must be worked on carefully through our spiritual practice to refine into into a perfect and balanced one. This "cornerstone" is like our libido, the foundation of our practice, not something to be thrown away or neglected. So, you will aways find that Adepts who are the truly "spiritual" people, are not frigid individuals with no life force, but very sexual in a refined sense, and possessing beauty. Upon viewing most individuals who place a severe division between libido and moral goodness, they often look unshaped or unsculpted or dull, in that they neglect their own vitality in fear or hatred of their libido. On the contrary, those who embrace the foundational fires of the libido are “burned” and shaped in accordance with its harsh truth, producing distinct vitality, symmetry, and beauty. This is why Tantra and Occultism are elitist in nature; it is not that they exclude the common masses from worship, but that the masses exclude themselves from their own dualistic mentality towards sex. The masses fear their own sexual nature and so view the idea that it is holy as blasphemous, and so think Tantra or Occultism is impure or debauched. An Adept indulges the senses and engages in sex in a way that produces liberation, and so they do not fear it or anything else. In Hermetic Qabalah, if we examine the Tree of Life diagram, the sexual foundation is known as Yesod and this sits directly below the center known as Tiphereth or “beauty”. In this way, it is explained that any expression of sexuality that is not directed towards beauty or Tiphereth leads eventually to imbalance and evil, due to the departure from the middle pillar of equilibrium, and balance which these two centers sit on.

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07 abr 2020

Oh, you're so right! Had to read this several times in order to fully understand it, but now I feel I'm on the right way, thanks to you!

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This article is GOLD.

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