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“Where wisdom reigns there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.” -Carl Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis

The alchemical marriage occurs both inwardly and outwardly. This is why Tantra & Occultism always emphasize that there is no difference between one's external and internal reality; they mutually reflect each other. For a man, this wedding entails getting in touch with his feminine side or "anima", which is located in the lower part of his body and is the personification of his sexual ideal. For a woman, the animus (located in the head and the mind) represents her aspirations towards the celestial. To achieve union in yourself means to come in contact with your own opposite gender and reverse the natural polarity. So, a man develops the absorbing, passive qualities that he lacks, & the woman develops the active, projecting & radiating qualities that she lacks, bringing each closer to wholeness. The woman/anima is man's connection to nature outside & within him. In pursuing union with her, he is striving for enrichment with the emotional, sensual forces, as well as craving connection to the foundation of Universal Truth represented wordlessly and often times "irrationally" by the strong instinct of the female... just as one should "pursue" diving into the fertile soil of the intuition with the unstable rational mind (to connect the body of Ketu to the head of Rahu-- achieving the "wisdom" of gnosis that Jung describes). Despite how irrational feminine nature can seem at times, their instinctual reaction is always authentic and in accordance with an unseen reality. This is why in Tantra it is often stated that to achieve success in worshipping the Goddess, you cannot truly criticize a woman, as women only point out that which is out of accordance with truth (in both their reactions and the reactions they create in others, and in what they naturally respect versus what they scorn). To look down on, suppress, or demonize the feminine is to scorn your own internal feminine principle, connection to intuition & feeling, and ultimately the Truth that the "thinking" mind frantically encircles and searches for, but rarely connects to.

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