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Thelema is the most advanced spiritual system ever presented openly to the public. It is not for beginners and fully embracing it requires a person to give every drop of their blood in service to their own will, or become a slave to the will of something else. For this reason, people often experience a kind of irrational fear of the word thelema itself, which means "will", thinking that the more advanced a spiritual system is, the more it generates feelings of peace or quietude in the practitioner and those around him or her. In truth, it is actually any system that has a strong reputation of generating terror or fear, which excels at generating spiritual crisis in those who come in contact with its current, that is more advanced, because this shows that it destroys the ego effectively. Thelema, because it invokes the most powerful force in the Universe (the human will), automatically generates fear in those who would cling to all that is not their will and their ego itself. In this way, contact with the Magickal current of Thelema often generates an initial sensation of horror, as it does not care about our feelings or anything that we are clinging to that impedes our will; it mercilessly strips all of our ego to only bare truth, whether we like it or not. In this way, we come to the primary modus operandi of Thelema, which has much in common with a more obscure religious sect in India known as Aghora, which also has as its goal as the attainment of non-dual consciousness as rapidly as possible, whatever the cost. The only true practitioner of Thelema is a person who has destroyed their human personality. Everyone else is technically an enemy of the order, even if they identify as Thelemites, if they have not accomplished this task. As I have stated before in many posts, this means undergoing the agonizing experience of the ceremony that makes a person a Master of the Temple. In Thelema, the most important practical text for successfully destroying your human personality is "Liber Aash Vel Capricornus Pneumatica" which outlines "the supreme secret of practical magic". This text outlines the use of the penis and ejaculating into a specific triangle he creates for whatever magical or spiritual purpose he requires. This technique becomes very important later on when he must choose the Yoni that embodies his personal "Law" that he follows, and sacrifice himself to it. Correctly identifying this specific Yoni allows him totally immerse himself (and paradoxically fuse him together) into the Yoni, and have it utterly consume his limited human personality, and give birth to him anew in the city of the pyramids as a full Adept. Along with this text, it is also important to correctly understand the paper entitled the "Of the Secret Marriages of Gods and Men" in order for him to develop the certainty of the particular Goddess that he will be allowing to fulfill this sacred act of destruction, which is an act of renunciation and surrender of all of the Yogic Powers he has cultivated in order for him to attain the supreme perfection and purification, which can only be given by the Goddess. In this way, we can see that every individual who fails to renounce their ego will fear especially the two things that threaten it the most. These are: women and the sexual orgasm. Just as these are the primary things that cause the average man to fall, these are precisely the means that the Adept raises himself up to full and total conquering of himself and his consciousness and thus reality itself, as it is nothing more than a projection of his own mind. "What good is any power or attainment if I may succumb to the temptation to lose all my integrity in a moment of weakness?" It is this very real possibility that leads to the necessity of coming to terms with the Goddess, because he knows that if he does not surrender to her willingly and give her every drop of his blood, she will take it against his will, but will not earn her love because of his failure to sacrifice himself out of love.

In this way, it should be understood that a man on the brink of entering the true order of the Adepts has a woman sent to him that is a manifestation of the Goddess herself that he must recognize and act accordingly toward her. In western magick, we call the woman who is sent to the spiritual aspirant "Kundry" and she is possessed by the Goddess to assess the purity of the aspirant. Drawn to the Adept for reasons unknown to her consciously, she will offer him the blessing of the Goddess and will either absorb him into the mud of the earth or raise him up to heaven-- and her destiny lies in her consort's decision as well (as she will then rise or fall with him). It is his responsibility to react accordingly to this beautiful woman who is sent to destroy him or lift him up, depending on how he reacts. A true "man of will" will not flinch at the challenge, and will not only recognize the Goddess within her but will also succeed in gratifying her with the offering she wants, which is nothing less than his entire ego. This ordeal is private; no other human can save him from the Goddess when she pays a man a visit if he wishes to attain Adepthood, and it inevitably occurs to every serious spiritual male aspirant or occultist. This encounter with an avatar of the Goddess makes or breaks him and represents everything that he has been preparing himself for from the first day that he has set out on the spiritual path. In normal religion, we are told to reject or baulk a sexually attractive woman, and told to restrain or deny our sexual desires. In occultism, everything is backwards and to give up the "dream woman" that embodies the living Goddess herself for an individual man is a resignation to total failure and loss of her grace forever. You can always recognize a failed adept by his slave-like behavior, obsession with a Guru, and emphasis on a baby-like incompetent dependence, and his total lack of the companionship of a human woman who embodies the Goddess to him as his sexual consort. He dwells in the utter darkness that comes from rejecting the love of the Goddess when she came to save him.


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