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"The Billionaire's Bride" Nakshatra: The Cosmic Cinderella

🦋 In today’s video & ebook, I tap into the astrological essence of the Cinderella story, from its ancient mythological roots to its strong presence in our modern collective consciousness through films and art— and how Uttara Bhadrapada & its ruling planet, Saturn, are the hidden links beautifully tying all these works together. Through its natives, this nakshatra has been telling the story of Cinderella for centuries, conveying secrets relating to divine “butterfly” transformation from hardship into beauty and from ashes into immense riches. No nakshatra compares in its ability to gain the respect, favor, and love of the influential and powerful. This fascinating nakshatra demonstrates the process of cultivating cool, feminine strength. It is the nakshatra of the “pressure-sculpted” beauty of a sparkling gem under Earth’s pressure or an ethereal mermaid living under the pressure of the ocean’s depths. 🐉 Every element of Cinderella’s rich symbolism— the cinders, relegation to servitude, glass slippers, ugly stepsisters, cruel stepmother, magical transformation and so on, bring light to & profound tangible understanding of this nakshatra’s mysteries.

This topic brought up a fascinating mixture of connections, giving me the opportunity to explore this Queenly feminine-powerhouse nakshatra, as well as the way Cinderella’s story extends to the trine Saturn-nakshatras of Pushya and Anuradha. In that way, I was also able to devote a large portion of the video/ebook to exploring the unique qualities of Saturn-dominant women. Uttara Bhadrapada & Ashlesha have important linked connections relating to the female spiritual path, and so it was also fascinating to be able to contemplate secrets of the divine feminine through this video, as well as to cosmically reach the “royal wedding” and coronation of the adepts described in occultism.


Ebook (which contains additional examples and notes not included in the video)

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