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The Belle ("Beauty") Astrological Placement: The Monster Huntress 🐺

Today's video is published! In this series, I am finding the astrological essence of the Beauty and the Beast story, from its ancient mythological roots to its strong presence in our modern collective consciousness through films and art— and how one key “Belle” nakshatra and one key “Beast” nakshatra are the hidden links beautifully tying all these works together. In this video, I introduce Belle’s astrological essence, and in the videos to come I will dive deeper into her qualities as well as the character of Beast.

Through its natives, today's nakshatra has been telling the story of Belle/Beauty for centuries, conveying secrets relating to tapping into the power of one’s pure primal instinct, and commanding the most formidable forces of nature in order to restore truth & harmony. No nakshatra compares in its ability to see deep into to the true nature of all that it perceives.

Beauty and the Beast led my inquiry here, but it was an initiatory gateway into vast secrets of these nakshatras. For that reason, this series will explore various related themes and concepts, and will use plentiful examples of both genders for both the roles of Beast & Belle.

I really hope you enjoy it! If you do, please don't forget to let me (& Youtube's algorithm) know somehow so you keep seeing content like this-- like, comment, subscribe, share, etc. I SO appreciate that.


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