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The 12th House & Occultism



In our sleep at night, we enter into the 12th house, which rules our dream life and the energy we expend while we are sleeping in our dreams. The mundane state of sleep consciousness is to act completely unaware in the dream world, often waking up from dreams and never paying them any attention whatsoever. An Initiate, however, has built each individual part of their astral body and has complete control over their astral senses. Without this, you are like a blind & deaf person in the astral world, and your reality is confined and limited to the material plane, which is the essence of ignorance. An Adept can can see, hear, touch, taste, & things with their astral senses and are fully aware in their sleep.The 12th house represents the after-death state & liberation from the body, but also sexual pleasures and expenditures on hedonistic luxuries and enjoyments. The 12th house, because it is associated with liberation and universality as well as sexual enjoyments, rules over the mystery of the "witches sabbath" or the Sabbath of the Adepts, which is a global phenomenon and not confined to Europe or India or any single physical location. The 12th house (as well as the Astral plane itself) is the plane of where your individuality dissolves into other things, and all limited aspects of our identity disappear. This is why it is associated with losses, because when we die and enter a womb, we are absorbed into that new life and lose the old one-- or when we are liberated, we lose all limitations and experience moksha. There are no rules whatsoever on the Astral plane other than acting in accordance with your personal will, and thus the beginner to access the dream plane usually spends a few months unlearning a lot of the restrictions they have learned from their society, culture, religion, or upbringing that impedes the flow of their sexual energy-- which drives movement on this plane, and so when it is restricted, any movement or astral directing is also inhibited.

When we view this plane with full awareness, all of reality is revealed to be totally and completely sexual in nature, which is why sexuality is the root of life & health itself. On this plane, we see reality itself as a kind of energetic "orgy" of beings exchanging with each other on different terms of dominance and submission, giving and exchanging, penetrating and the penetrated. In the Esoteric Doctrine, "Heaven" is not described as a place of frigid people in smocks, but full of people with irrefutable access to their true sexuality, focused on indulgence of the senses in the most refined way possible, in a perfect marriage of "love" (sex) according to one's will. This sexual nature of heaven is revealed by the fact that Venus is exalted in the house Pisces, which rules the 12th house in the natural Zodiac. A primary spiritual purpose of building an astral body is to experience the pleasure of dissolving the sense of individuality with another astral form that we desire, and this is why when a person begins accessing the true hidden order of Adepts on the astral plane, they may begin having many sexual experiences in dreams with many different beings, because the law is that any sex according to your will is permissible, and so initiates often desire to have sex with other initiates. In certain occult groups a practice is to exchange photographs with each other to create a link in order to place it under their pillow, and experience sex in their sleep with that person.

This is also why it is important to take initiation seriously, because initiation by its nature means confronting a force that we do not at present have complete awareness of, meaning that we must build our awareness and ensure that we do not act out of accordance with our personal will. This is where deep self-analysis and reflection about one's sexual nature and what is in accordance with their will (and not just them falling to addictive tendencies or vices). This freedom obviously terrifies the lunar individual who thrives on submission to limitations of their society or culture, but delights the Solar individual who is fit for the left hand path, who knows perfectly well how to indulge their senses in accordance with will/truth, and produce the benefit of it which is health, wealth, prosperity, and enjoyment. In the end, when all is said and done, we face the choice of becoming a beautiful jewel on the body of the Goddess, adorning her and glowing with the light of our individuality, or, if we choose to never discover our own light, to fade into her vast darkness from our inability to illuminate ourselves, and reap the benefits of the freedom she offered. All beings who want freedom can have it, but most only want others to do the work for them, or try to take the light of others, which inevitably leads to failure. 

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