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♀️Tantra & Occultism Require the Power of Venus क्लीँ

Venus is the significator for virility and tantra in the birth chart. When a person is strongly under Venus, they possess qualities around the world which signify virility, especially the qualities of extreme, overflowing passion that leads to strong desires for attaining or creating superior sensual experiences. This can be understood in Venus’ name “Shukra” which correlates to Semen itself, and in this way Venusian natives naturally possess a greater amount of this substance on an energetic level, that makes one want to enjoy themselves with the feminine side of reality that Venus rules (sex, the arts, beauty so on). Venus natives in that way have an extremely fierce and fearless core that is less understood— the strong life-force here results in a stronger than average amount of raw desire & passion fueling all of their actions. This creates an uncompromising nature fixated on attaining or creating true, tangible sensual experiences rather than ever settling with fantasy. Through their virility and strong lifeforce, they naturally develop traits of intense ambition towards indulgence, a certain kind of unapologetic hedonism that annihilates all fear, and also inner corrosive ferocity to embrace the “dark” and destructive parts of reality and the violence and war that create the space for beauty and truth to emerge. Concentration on any one thing becomes worship, and allows one to tap into the Universal truth stored there; for Venus natives, this concentration is naturally geared towards the senses and their perfection, as well as removing the impurities that inhibit the purification of the senses. All Venusian nakshatras in their pursuit of beauty, also have fierce qualities to destroy that which gets in the way of it, such as how Purva Ashada nakshatra is symbolized by the winnowing basket (separating the wheat from the chaff, the worthy from the weak). So: Venus’ virility creates intense sensual desire. True, virile desire creates a preference for the true and beautiful things fueled with lifeforce to thrive and be enjoyed. The discrimination towards that which is objectively sensually-pleasing creates a fierceness to eliminate that which threatens to harm or inhibit the sensually-pleasing. It creates a virile desire to wield the most powerful forces one can encounter to defend the natural truth of beauty itself. The desire to battle for truth and beauty leads to fearlessness to embrace the destructive side of reality, and all of this is placed in a setting of the activation of the tangible senses and a disregard for fantasy. (This is why Venus is exalted in the natural 12th house of Pisces, where other planets are threatened to be lost in delusion, but Venus remains grounded and connected to truth that is guided by the senses themselves. Venus merges the material and spiritual through the perfection of the senses, and in that way uses rather than renounces the sensuality to attain heightened states. It can in that way wield abstract and subtle ideas while also keeping them grounded in their material manifestations, shown for example in the creation of art itself.) These are the natural qualities required to engage in 8th house practices of Tantra and occultism that Venus signifies.

These qualities protect a person from any “danger” in Occultism, not because (like some random fearful online blog said) Tantra itself is wrong or dangerous, Kali or Bhairavi or ~insert wrathful deity here~ is dangerous, or sex is impure, spirits are harmful, or occult practices are evil, and so on— but because your mind is impure when handling those things and projects the false fear onto them that can and will drive you insane. Your own storehouse of fear activates and makes you believe spirits are controlling you, divine and pure beings are evil, thinking you’re cursed every moment, you’re possessed, and so on. If a person projects and externalizes their shadow onto any spirit or a divine being, then yes, there is danger— that person ceases to own and control their own mind and shadow and it CAN gain control over them. Losing control over one’s shadow through externalizing it and failing to own up to and control your negative qualities is the reason why occult spiritual practice emphasizes taking total responsibility for yourself and your actions.

If you are scared, if upon researching Tantra or Occultism you constantly ask yourself if “it is dangerous?” and find your mind racing, then it is already fueled with instability and fear and will be dangerous, and for that reason it must be understood that it is not required for you to enter that territory. As I have spoken about in the past, when one is not foundationally stable, it is recommended to remain in the 9th house exoteric religions, where one can be unstable but anchor to a source such as priests or gurus, rules and traditions, and those who will support, encourage, and even demand your fear, demonizing 8th house subjects. With an unstable mind, it is better not to enter an unstable realm. However, there is absolutely no need to start trying to police those who do engage with things you project fear onto or who write on the subject, and force all others to do 9th house style religion that you deem appropriate. To say that Tantra or Occultism is inherently dangerous, evil, or impure is like saying that men should stay away from attractive women because he might get hurt from her “dangerous, evil, or impure” yoni. While a frigid and timid young man would find much to fear around a sexual woman, a passionate, bold, and sexual young man can find no greater joy or pleasure. What one person fears is another person’s greatest delight. Venus wants to encounter the powerful and devotedly works to find "the best things”; in that way, it doesn't fear power in any form but knows the inherent purity in strength. It pursues even unstable or scary territory, but does so with desire for truth and beauty as the gravitational center of all of its actions that keep it directed. This can be understood in that the Shakti bija of Venus is KLIM क्लीँ, which has the power of “nailing something down— holding something under your desire”. If a Venusian individual encounters a spirit, a deity, any spiritual experience, that experience encircles the gravity of their burning passion so intensely that all things tend to remain controlled around them, as this intense desire forms a uniquely powerful willpower and concentrated form of energy. Not a drop of fear is present, as the cold fear is all replaced with passion to call forth the strong, the impressive, shimmering, and awe-inspiring. Someone with the blessings of Venus in some form does not see a wrathful deity and immediately charge it with fear, because they admire and value wrathful and fierce appearances in the same regard as the beautiful ones— purification and invigoration requires the wrathful for the beneficial to blossom and be protected. The wrathful deity reflects the inner corrosive quality they themselves can relate to that results in the ability for outer, manifest beauty of purity and innocence to exist. The Goddess Bhairavi is fearless and is said to destroy the 9 impediments of the mind that lead to fear, and these nine impediments of which create fear teach us how impure fear truly is; it is only a sign of being not ready to face or overcome certain parts of your own nature, not a sign that anything spiritual you experience is actually evil itself. Some of the impediments traditionally said to create fear include delusion, incompetence, erroneous conception, non-attainment of and yogic state, and sloth. From Harish Johari: "Bhairavi terrifies only those who cling to their nine impediments”.

You can take for example the association of cursing with the 8th house; say someone "curses" you with Kali. "Curses" are really no different than blessings, it is only how the individual handles it. Kali simply removes Saturn energy with the Mars bija, KRIM. So, if someone is reckless, out of control of themselves, and they don't improve that part of themselves, placing Kali on them removes their Saturn and can charge up their own recklessness. However, if someone is genuinely trying to gain self-control, cares to improve, acts in truth, does not try to take shortcuts, and lives virtuously, taking away Saturn would just remove obstacles from their life and allow for expansion and energy they had been lacking. For that person, this "curse" would be a kind of blessing. That is why in Tantra it is understood that all things are one's own responsibility, a Venus person would just accept a "curse" understanding that no matter what they encounter, their own strength is all that is really real, and thus welcome these curses and transmutes them into blessings.

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