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Rohini & Sexual Freedom

From my instagram @claire.nakti in 2017

Moon is in Rohini, a sign which is great for sex and sexual enjoyment. Sex in whatever form is a type of union, making it analogous to "Yoga", which means to unite or yoke and is sexual in nature. When we have sex, we mingle our energetic bodies with the person and become literally one with them. Even through contemplating a sexual act with a person or viewing an image, we mingle our aura with that being and sex (union) is occurring in a subtle way, which is in actuality the same as touching. This is how many secret horizontal societies that practice "free love" amongst the members exchange sexual photographs with each other to use them to enjoy one another in the dream plane. Sex, and how we use our sexual energy, is the key to Gnosis and Enlightenment, being the "forbidden fruit" in the Garden of Eden that, as the serpent said "makes humans like God" in that they gain knowledge or wisdom from "eating" of it. In Thelema, we are all free to express our sexuality as we will it, as it is the supreme expression of the life force and therefore Holy. To be drawn to beauty and want to partake of that beauty through uniting oneself with it is the essence of love. Love is sexual in that it is a desire to unite with that which we desire. We desire something due to the qualities of it that we wish to make ourselves one with. In my YouTube video "your boyfriend watches porn?" I discuss the exercise of writing out one's sexual fantasies as an important part of learning to utilize one's sexuality in a spiritual sense. Our sexuality is not static as most believe, and as we develop spirituality we may find ourselves becoming excited by different things some of them even becoming quite abstract and surprising in their scope or thought process. The key thing in regards to sexuality is that all forms of sex must be according to one's will, which must be understood by that person through self-study. We live in a time where a person is free to legally engage in all forms of sexual expression with consensual adults...which is due to the "New Aeon" dawning on us, which is why the majority of people have created sexuality and sexual freedom as the new sacred. Sex occurs between mortals and gods, even totally absorbing the other Gods in sexual union. Many humans become absorbed into Goddesses and desire nothing else but to become part of the beauty of her from, dissolving into her in ecstasy. Many Goddesses who lack worship will marry a powerful occultist in order to escape annihilation from lack of followers. Each Goddess enjoys certain very specific sexual acts, which can be discovered through summoning them. In Rome, there was the practice by the Roman Priests of discovering the names of their enemy's Gods. Once discovered, they would summon the God to Rome and bargain with the God to withdraw their protection from their current worshippers and to instead be worshipped in Rome under the guise of a Saint. This is why many Catholic Saints are not just people but are actually Pagan Deities that were absorbed into the Church. Most of the Ancient Pagan Mystery schools were not killed off by the Church, as most people believe, but were actually just absorbed into it. Sex can occur between any two beings, and whichever being has the larger amount of Yang becomes the dominant one. Sexual exchange is, according to tantra and thelema, the reason why the Universe was created. The division occurred for the purpose of sexual play, and this is why understanding our sexual proclivities is so important for beginning the Occult, as the Sex instinct is analogous to God and is the essence of True Religion.

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