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Ketu: The ROOT of Femininity

”So I came back to the world yet once again as the priestess of the Great Goddess, bringing with me the memory of forgotten arts, one of which is the art of  being a woman. I came because I was sent. There was that needed which I had to give. They did not send in a priestess of the Bright Isis, but of the Dark and Veiled One, because that was the need; and They said to me: ‘You will have tiger teeth, for you will be a Breaker in Pieces. Men will call you the Priestess of All Evil, but you know better.’” -Dion Fortune. 

The purest expression of femininity in its most raw and terrifying sense is found in Mula Nakshatra (the lunar mansion from 0° - 13° 20’ Sagittarius), ruled by the Goddess, Nritti. The spiritual power (Shakti) of this nakshatra is to destroy and uproot. Anything that is rooted firmly in the truth cannot be destroyed, as truth is immortal and unchanging (which is why #Ketu reveals the Universal, objective truth, just as #Rahu [as Maya] conceals the truth & creates illusions of relativity & subjectivity). ... In the Devi Mahatmaya, a demon arises who the Gods cannot defeat, as he acquired his power from Shiva (The Great Giver— the Ultimate Masculine), and asked that no man could ever conquer him. The Gods then combine their energies and produce the Goddess Chandi & through seduction he meets his defeat at the hands of a beautiful woman. The underlying message of the story alludes to the mystery that it is the Goddess alone who is capable of destroying the impure ego and granting victory. The ultimate destruction comes from the feminine force, seemingly gentle & weak externally but with the natural ability to cause a kind of “implosion”, where one destroys *themselves* (ultimate destruction) through failure to respond correctly to the sexual feminine force. (That which submits, rules; the lowest valley ["the spirit of the valley... the mysterious feminine" according to the Tao Te Ching] conquers all; which is also how Ketu's stillness & unchanging truth conquers with passivity, alluding to why he holds the flag of a conquerer. This is also why a Shakti bija of Ketu is Strim, which is the Stri, or woman, bija).

It is through her destructive power alone that all the evil, error, and impurity in the world are truly exposed and then removed. Without the “fierce” side of the Goddess working naturally through all women, the world would become full of waste. In this way, we should understand that to suppress this heated & transformative female sexuality and the power of the #Goddess in any way is the gateway to impurity (despite dualistic minds who project & blame their own chaotic and uncontrolled response to the female body on the woman herself) and, through letting female sexuality flood the world, it is purified absolutely and transformed into a paradise where the strongest prevail.


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