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How the Tongue Can Drown You

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The tongue is not the sea, but it can drown you- Haitian Proverb 👅🌀

Vyabhicharini Bhakti is a term used to describe individuals who cannot concentrate their worship and be devotional towards a single mantra or deity. The descriptor likens this person to a prostitute in that they cannot refrain from "sleeping with" and exchanging with many different vibrations or entities in order to obtain benefits. There is a powerful reality behind this descriptive term because the tongue is intimately connected to our sexual energy, just as our genitalia are. Both our tongue and our genitalia can be used to churn our nervous system, and this is why certain techniques of sexual magic can be combined with mantras in order to manifest different physical results almost instantly. When we recite a mantra, we expend a certain amount of sexual energy towards that particular force in the Universe and then we receive back benefits & rewards in return. In reality, all Gods and Goddesses are one single being; they are all connected and part of a single whole. Knowing this, we should understand that committing to one mantra produces the best results, even though we may find others interesting or perform them as a remedial measure for a specific purpose, if there is a very outstanding issue in our life that can be resolved faster by approaching a particular energy directly. Even in this case, if you rely on the God or Goddess that draws the most passion from you, all of your defects in any area of life are ironed out and harmony & balance is created over time, and so this is always the best option. Even if we are struggling with committing to one mantra, we will still find that we obtain small benefits from worshipping different things. But, without digging very deep into one single area of the Universe, we will never get free of the illusion of separateness or difference and experience the unity behind creation, both internally within ourselves and externally outside of ourselves.

Many people want to begin spiritual practice but withhold themselves from doing it because they don't have a guru. This is Maya playing with them and they have fallen under her spell, because they have become unable to see their guru and understand that there is not anything but "guru" anywhere you turn your head. In this case, Maya is their guru, because they are deluded into believing they are not learning-- and must experience this state of mind until it purifies them & they learn from experience. We can learn from anything that we pay attention to, which is why it is sometimes said that anything that we do with full attention is a form of worship. So, a person who pays close attention to what they are doing will always be full of surprising amounts of information that seem to come from a secret source. This is why Ketu rules over hidden or secret knowledge, because without being able to analyze external stimuli and experiences, we can never enter into the world of the occult and succeed on the occult path, which requires us to stop relying externally on others for spiritual guidance & to prove our worthiness of the treasures that come from learning how to become spiritually independent. Through devoting to one mantra and deity, you understand that all paths lead to the same core of Universal truth, and learn to dig deeper and deeper into one area of reality in order to reach its true essence. Instead of digging one shallow hole after the next, you apply your effort diligently to carving out a path of direct communication with your internal teacher, thus lighting up all of your experience with the glow of divine knowledge. 

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