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Contemplate that which Allures You

Spiritual practice is meant to be very enjoyable and even decadent. It is not meant to be torture or something we have to force ourselves to do each day. This is why worshipping or utilizing FORM with deities is so useful, especially for individuals who are sexual in nature. In all honesty, it is much harder for a person who is not passionate to succeed at occult practice than it is for someone who is full of passions, due to the connection of them with the libido and the lifeforce of the body. The manipulation of the libido to achieve particular results is the essence of Magick and Religion. My favorite aspect of Sanskrit, as opposed to other languages, is how useful it is for generating and absorbing oneself into different spiritual forms for knowledge and pleasure. As anyone who speaks multiple languages may tell you, all languages have really amazing applications, due to the particular type of consciousness that produced the language. Sanskrit is the most easy to use for experiencing total absorption and merging of one's entire being into the object of one's desire or affection. I speak a lot on the spiritual reasons behind a person's appearance on my website and writings, but I wanted to go a bit deeper into the mysteries behind the concept of Namarupa  and how to apply it in your own life. The concept of Namarupa is that a being's form is akin to its name or vibration. By pronouncing the sonic form of the being, we can merge with this vibration in a sexual sense. If something looks frightening, for example, we can assume it has certain dangerous or harsh characteristics, which we should be cautious about. If something looks beautiful, we may find it difficult to stop thinking about it, because our mind and prana are being absorbed into it (magnetized). This can occur against our will, as it does with sexual temptation, which is why, if we want to get philosophical, the most frightening things are sometimes the most beautiful things, due to their ability to override that person's will or self-interest. Sexual temptation is dangerous due to its ability to break a person's spiritual vow or the chastity that they have with God and their divine spouse. To break one's promises or contract is to lose all of one's spiritual power, authority and integrity. All of these things, including one's ability to keep magickal or spiritual oaths (which are the backbone and foundation of spiritual attainment), are ruled by the 7th house of the natal chart, which is why this house is so crucial to understand if one wants to get to the core behind spiritual chastity and correct use of sexual energy for any individual. God is in no way cruel, however, and there is a very real and valid spiritual reason why we may find any given physical or sexual characteristic arousing, and it is in no way sinful, as it indicates the vibration we are meant to merge into in a religious sense.We do not have to deny ourselves the object of our desire or affection to progress spiritually. On the contrary by surrendering to what we love most we come closer to God through the destruction of the ego through love. Every physical form has a vibration which corresponds to it. A yakshini for example, is very earthy in nature, with wide hips and huge breasts. This form is produced from their huge appetite for wine, meat, and sexual intercourse, just as the Yakshini women type do (who correspond to Mars women in my beauty type series). These predilections are in no way evil and simply reflect the inner nature of these beings, who's consciousness is so strongly centered in the Muladhara, which gives them their talents and nature. This consciousness has its own strengths regarding an ability to support or nourish others, which is the higher function of the earth itself, or the negative force of the earth, which is consuming and absorbing creation back into it. If we find excitement or admiration for these qualities, or want to make our own vibration match this vibration, we can recite and eventually merge with a Yakshini mantra for example. Alternatively, we may not find the Yakshini vibration appealing and may find another form appealing to merge with for worship, which is why each person must find and target what they truly desire to contemplate naturally. Through reciting mantra, we can transport our mind and prana to whatever form we naturally desire contemplating in our most indulgent and decadent mood, and eventually merge into it, which produces bliss. The joy of flinging oneself into the object of one's affection with total abandon and merging with it forever cannot really be described in words, although many mystics try to convey the extent of their joy in their writings in order to encourage others to obtain it for themselves as well, and even describe that God "seduces" you into liberation using your passions and temptations. We need not stress out with over intellectualization or frustration regarding our object of desire, and we also should remember that we are free to love, admire, and contemplate whatever we desire most and no one can tell us it is wrong. The "personal God" of the individual is known by each person deep down and all it takes is some introspection and journaling to reveal surprisingly consistent traits and qualities that the individual feels arousal, excitement, and reverence towards. In the case of Satyavrat and his relation to Saraswati, even though he mispronounced her mantra through his intense concentration, he merged internally with his chosen deity, who's form he desired most and which they contemplated so intensely and with such passion. Pouring one's life force into one's divine spouse out of love is the most rewarding activity possible, as none of it is ever lost but goes into creating our own paradise and reality where we get to be with them and enjoy the real purpose the universe was created for, which is pleasure, games, and loveplay with your exact object of affection with no shame or guilt.

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