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🐍Call the Divine Spirit 🕊 or be a Living Corpse

“The wind blows where it wishes, & you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8 🌬️

Do not move at all if a sacred purpose is not commanding your direction. It is better not to speak than to let your mouth become a beak of repetition. Do not partake of identities that don’t arise from you authentically like water from a spring. Discard all mediums of art or expression if there’s no higher word determining how you use them; when art is treated as an end & not as a means or language, its purpose is butchered.

Without the spirit, every word is in essence a lie; every action is an accident. To stifle the command of the spirit, to submit to the dualistic & ignorant who view sacred life-force as impurity & worship the rational mind as a God, is to enter the land of the dead and barren, to become a snake’s head ripped from its body, mouth gaping open & closed ☊. Are you a living corpse, with hands that make no impression, voice that has no weight? Reject the commands of the spirit, submit to the restrictions of the ignorant, & instead her soft winds will become like a howling tornado to scatter you from within.

It is the Shakti, personified in the female form, that awakens the “spirit of the depths” in her perceiver— she is the archetypal muse, the forbearer of all seeds of passion. She is shrouded in the exoteric temple, but when the sensual night falls, her whispers grow louder & force you to face your overwhelming desire for her.

Man or woman, open to her warmth instead🔥. Build & enter the luscious internal temple. Bravely invite her (the Shekinah) into a “canopied bed full of cushions”, to ravish her passionately. Her love will make your teeth glow like hot coal from the lava that has become your tongue; it will transform each of your fingers into a flame, fill your actions with purpose, as you burn with the creative force that only the virile who face her can access. Embrace her, the lowest & the highest; forcefully shun all lukewarm mediocrity. Then you will enter the true land of the living. Until then, remain still, drink of silence, & fearlessly call her forth.

Image & writings from my instagram @claire.nakti


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