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Abhijit Nakshatra & Generating the Solar Robes

Contrary to popular belief, nature-- being yin -- doesn't want us to or care if we individuate. In fact, it is contrary to her interests that human beings free themselves from her cycles, as she wishes to consume her children. This is why Abhijit overlays the end of Uttara Ashada and very beginning of Shravana and doesn't hold a position of its own-- it lies outside of the natural processes and does not happen mechanically, but is rather a possibility or potential outcome of escape from this cycle that must be earned and willed, a kind of alternate outcome. Abhijit is not important for predictive purposes because at this time, based on the moon placement, the average person is not experiencing "Abhijit", but rather is stuck on the lunar cycle and only experiencing the end of Uttara Ashada nakshatra. The difference between saying there are 27 nakshatras and 28 nakshatras is this: the acknowledgment of 27 nakshatras is recognizing only the complete mechanical cycle of nature, while considering 28 nakshatras is also adding the acknowledgment of escaping this cycle altogether. In Abhijit nakshatra, we come to realize the truth behind the Hermetic axiom, "Think of a place and thou art there", as reaching the stage of this nakshatra in a spiritual sense allows us to travel wherever we wish in our astral body, and also materialize or dematerialize our physical body at any location we wish. This type of radical freedom, not being bound by time or space. is a privilege given to those who practice the spiritual transmutation of their physical form. According to Crowley, one of the most simple and perfect magical ceremonies is the consumption of a Eucharist, and that some kind of Eucharist should be consecrated and consumed daily by the spiritual aspirant. When we pray over matter and consume it, we practice a supreme secret, for the Great Work itself relies on the transmutation of matter, and the freedom of the soul from being entrapped in matter and the material body. The generation of the solar robes of immortality can only be done through maithuna or ritual sex, which allows us to transmute our sexual energy.Many people believe it can be done through symbolic rituals, when they are actually meant to prepare a person for the real thing, which has always been a closely guarded secret given to only the most advanced spiritual aspirants in any culture. Through sex do we come to enter into the Sanctuary of Gnosis and the Universal College of the Adepts. Any person who believes they are superior for hating or denying sex is mistaken, as we truly generate the "seminarium", which is the immortal solar body, through Maithuna. With this body, we are Gods and can go anywhere and do anything, experiencing absolute freedom. Without it, we are slaves and are simply dissolved into the earth upon death and dispersed. This is what Abhijit represents-- a freedom from the mechanical forces of nature which act upon our "lunar" body as we cycle endlessly through the loop of the lunar cycles, and here we have a chance build our solar robes to obtain true freedom, and thus why Abhijit is the only truly "masculine" nakshatra and an escape. All Religion or Occult teaching is based around a supreme sexual secret. This Secret is encoded in all major Religious Scriptures and Occult fraternities like the O.T.O preserve and guard it.

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