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ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं हसौः जगत्प्रसुत्यै नमः

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Claire Nakti

Uncovering shocking astrological patterns in the media, art, & appearance/beauty to help bridge enriching spiritual knowledge into one's daily reality-- & creating in-depth, research-based documentaries on the subject. I also weave contemplations on the mysterious and distinct female spiritual path into my astrological studies. The true divine function of the feminine has been demonized and hidden throughout history; I explore how women can fulfill their sacred cosmic role and come into their unique power, without shame or inhibition.

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Researching Vedic Astrology in the modern world & the unique, esoteric female spiritual path.

     Astrology is the science of the magnetic astral forces operating on human beings. We all possess a Starry (astral) magnetic body that is subject to the planets. A human being's personality, life, and appearance is a result of the planetary bodies acting upon this subtle sheath. Just as in Cosmology we find that each planet is essential, possessing its own incomparable beauty, so too do we find that there are many types of internal and external beauty that human beings embody. My research-based and data-rich astrological contributions are dedicated to finding the Cosmic, Universal patterns displayed in the world around us. The appearance-research that I do can be summed up by Zoroaster (who was said by Hermes Trismegistus to have discovered astrology) when he said , "It is useless to seek the soul of things beneath their surface; for their surface is their soul." We are not separate from our appearance & outward manifestations, but rather, it is a reflection of our being.  "As above so below; as within, so without". Nothing manifest in the Universe lies outside of its powerful, orderly current. Every little detail-- from events, behaviors, to facial features-- follows a meaningful, mystical, complex pattern. It is my wish to shed more light (and admiration) upon these meaningful, synchronized details. This is why I never shy away from researching seemingly "shallow" elements that many astrologers disregard-- such as celebrities, the modern media, and physical characteristics; it is when we really hold the nakshatras and astrological understandings in our hands and face them in our daily & mundane lives that we spiritualize and expand every seemingly mundane moment. Tying together ancient knowledge to pinpoint its roots in the modern consciousness reveals the hidden cosmic order of our times, and reinforces and supports the validity of the ancients' and their observations' everlasting relevance.The essence of something produces its form and external manifestation, and therefore the study of the form & externalized reality reveals the essence. Understanding the form created by something (nakshatras, etc.) tunes one in with the essence of that thing to a much greater extent, and proves one's understanding of that thing on the physical plane. 


It is often implied in an esoteric sense across cultures that-- at its core, when all is said and done-- the Universe itself is simply: a woman beautifully adorned.

     The word "cosmetic" comes from the Greek word "cosmos" (κόσμος) meaning, literally, “order”. Cosmology is the study of the Universal order as described by various cultures and philosophies of the world. From the root of "cosmos" we get the Greek word "Kosmeticos", meaning "skilled in adornment or arrangement." The Greek word "kosmein" means "to arrange, adorn." We as a culture typically do not think of beauty or cosmetics as a profound or philosophical subject, and yet-- as I believe my appearance research and female path writings, about the female's unique and irreplaceable function as Shakti, illustrates-- they are inextricably linked, not just etymologically (as I have shown above) but also in the most profound and deepest philosophical sense. The "mundane" and profane things that "spiritual" individuals disregard are from the very same dualistic root from which the female form has been demonized over the centuries due to the powerful purifying effect it has on its perceivers (forcing them to face their uncontrolled animal nature). The female's spiritual role is innately materialistic, as an embodiment of Mother Nature, and for this reason has been oppressed and hidden over time due to its demonization. I believe that both my astrological & female spiritual path work also shows that the study of beauty & and the female form is the study of reality.

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