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This is a software-generated report from Parashara's Light, calculated using traditional approaches to romantic compatibility consideration between *two individuals' charts* (so, this is for individuals who already have  a romantic partner in mind. For those who are looking for a partner, please visit my SERVICES page for the compatibility type analysis, which only requires looking at your individual chart). This report is 8-10 pages and includes:

-Basic birth details of both individuals

-Birth chart & planetary details of each chart in comparison

-The Moon chart, navamsha, and dashas of each individual (present-10 years from now)

-The Ashtkoot Guna matching showing an overall score (ex. "medium compatibility") and the amount of points given in each area of life (work, dominance, destiny, mentality, friendliness, temperment, love, & health). 

-Mangala Dosh Consideration for each individual, as well as cancellation state & remedies

-The Dashkoota Guna Chart showing an overall score (ex. 24 out of 44 points) in the Kalaprakashika, BV Raman, and Ashtkoot methods. Gives a point score for different factors in the relationship: luck, wealth, attachment, welfare, sexual, growth of family, food, posterity, felicity, and sons. 

-The 10 considerations are then explained in more depth as to how the number is reached.


After purchase, you will receive an instruction sheet to email me the birth details (birth day, time, and location) of both individuals involved. For each partner you would like to check compatibility, please add this service multiple times to the cart.

This service does not include any customized interpretation but is software generated only, and is quite self-explanatory. You will receive the report to your email inbox in 1-2 business days from when you send me the birth information. 

Traditional Compatibility Score Report

$22.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price
  • There are no refunds after the report has been emailed to you. Refunds can be requested, however, for orders placed within 24 hours AND for which you have not yet sent me the birth information. 

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