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I describe the philosophy and astrological reasons/effects of tattoos in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo0lMe2RmI4


The Analysis/Interpretation service considers astrologically what planetary forces "marked" you in inspiring a tattoo and during which dasha period, then considering how beneficial this tattoo is for you based on placement and symbol. This can be for multiple tattoos.

The remedy option is for if you have a tattoo that you feel was caused by negative forces or that you regret and want to remedy/change.

The Recommendation option is if you are set on getting a tattoo and would like recommendations based on your astrological chart regarding which symbols, placements, and colors may be most beneficial. 



The service includes only one of the above options. If you want more than 1 of the above options (for example, would like your current tattoos analyzed AND have a new one recommended) than please increase the quantity of this service to 2. 

Email me if you are unsure if you will need to increase the quantity: ClaireNakti@Gmail.com



Tattoo Analysis /Recommendation/ Remedy