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My focus is to help individuals align with their inner teacher and true will so that they need no further guidance. I offer an overall Jyotish chart analysis packet that is approx. 5-7 pages of original writings (plus ~5 pages of recommendations, remedies, yogas, etc.), which are very detailed and extensive. This covers the four aims of life (depending on your own interests & concerns):

Artha: wealth, resources, knowledge

Dharma: spirituality, religion, health, & fertility

Kama: pleasure & relationships

Moksha: transcendence & liberation

We can focus on your areas of concern in addition to an analysis of all areas of life. Also included is a drawing of your Jyotish chart for your own records. I can also include Astrological celebrity twins, face morph of your possible appearance, by request (to be able to understand and perceive traits that reflect yours through them). 


Please note with the page amounts that many astrologers offer very long packets for cheap prices (such as 80 pages, 50 pages, 100 pages, etc.) These are printed automatically off of their astrological programs, listing out computerized descriptions of your placements, etc. which can usually be easily googled. The page amount I offer is originally-written interwoven analysis considering the whole "picture" of your chart by considering the individual elements and how they function and interact together.


In order to receive a complete packet, you MUST have your time of birth available. This can be found on birth records, through the word of trusted relatives, or calling the hospital in which you were born. Please also include birthday and location of birth.

If you do not have your birth time available, please see my "birth time rectification" service & email me for the reduced price when purchased in combination with a full chart. 

Full Chart Analysis