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This service goes along with my research and exploration about planetary dominance types, as explored in my "Astrological Beauty Types" and "Male Planetary Dominance" series on Youtube (linked below). In purchasing this service, I will tell you your Astrological dominant planet (in regards to foundational ESSENCE creating your personality and appearance-- this is not regarding planetary auspiciousness or "strength" in that sense) as well as your Sub-type influence. I am currently developing research on secondary influences and how these create the 36 subtypes (such as Jupiter-Saturn, Mars-Mercury, Ketu-Moon, etc.) which I will be introducing on Youtube in the next few months. The subtypes explore more specifically one's appearance and secondary personality traits. 

In this service, I assess your planetary dominance using your chart AND a facial photograph (full-body photograph is helpful to send as well, if possible).

This option also  includes 2 celebrity twins who are the same Dominant & Sub type as you, and share with you multiple astrological criteria to help understand yourself through perceiving others.

Dominant Type Analysis & Celebrity Twins