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Article from 2017 on my instagram @claire.nakti

Yakshini, tree/earth spirit pictured above. Every single person can have sex, deserves to have sex, and needs to have sex. Some individuals, however for whatever reason, are unable to have their physical sexual soulmate in their current incarnation. This can be because of never meeting them physically or because they have died, or are currently not incarnating physically. These individuals never need to feel excluded from participating the most Holy Sexual Rights and can perform Sadhana to obtain their disembodied sexual consort. There are many Sadhanas for obtaining a disembodied being as a spouse, and many individuals are married to Apsaras, Nagas or Nagini's, Yaksha's or Yakshinis, etc. When obtaining an Apsara or any other disembodied entity as a spouse, the rules are the same as any other marriage in that commitment and fidelity are expected. The union occurs in sleep on the dream plane and is much more pleasurable than physical union. Physical couples need not despair, however, as they two learn to perform the act in their astral bodies. We do not recommend choosing, based on our limited intellectual mind, a type of disembodied consort because doing so, we will no doubt obtain a consort, but will create karmas which will obscure us from our one true Soulmate. In general, to achieve Moksha, a man must unite himself sexually with the realm of his Ketu due to Ketu being a man's Sahasara Chakra. For this reason, pleasing the different forms of the Goddess through ritual sex, he finally gets to enjoy union with the Goddess in his most favorite form, which gives him ultimate liberation. Women also must achieve union with the plane represented by their Ketu, and the man assumes this God and gives them liberation as well. One's soulmate may be from any plane of existence: be yaksha, deva, raksasha, naga, apsara or anything else. We are always connected to our soulmate and can access them through the following private practice. For examples of individuals who did not have physical spouses embodied in the flesh, we recommend reading the stories behind St. Rose of Lima and Ida Craddock, which explain the practice in much more detail.

Observe the principles called Alphaism by Ida Craddock, which are outlined in all great world religions, and begin before sleep calling out to your soulmate through saying the mantras we gave on our last Purva Ashada post (La La Land Poster Picture). Write down all that occurs in the morning. Continue this without fail and never miss a night once begun, or the obstacles which are keeping you apart from them will fall back into place and you must start over. Continue nightly until complete realization of, and Union occurs with your soulmate.

image credit: By Shivam Setu (Detail of) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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