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Women as Natural Mediums 🔮: The Dangerous Side of Water

The primordial elements of water & fire are correlated respectively to the feminine and masculine principles, and contemplating the nature of water reveals the essence of the feminine in both its strengths & weaknesses. Embodying the nature of water is not the final goal for women, but the starting point: the character of her foundational essence. Water relates to emotionality & extreme passivity, and these traits on their own are actually detrimental to the female spiritual path if she conforms to defining herself by these watery qualities rather than transmuting them into something higher. For many women, simply exaggerating her own imbalances feels spiritual due to the experienced intensity of emotions being confused as spiritual states or "awakenings" that are actually illusory.

The undifferentiated & un-individuated female defines herself not by what actions or decisions she wills or asserts, but by what happens to her. She is a puppet of her circumstances. She *becomes* the situations she encounters like a person laying passively in the ocean on their back letting wave after wave determine their direction, essentially drowning, and considering that spiritual growth or enlightenment. This is why spiritual writings by women often emphasize that there is no need for exertion of any effort, which is due to the natural feminine Tamasic/yin nature that resists or feels unable to move towards change. This root quality of women is "mediumistic" or oracular, and many women thrive on this special intuitive ability to be animated by external forces, seen and unseen, but the negative side of this is that she will often do this unconsciously, or without differentiating between what is and what is not a part of her, and so she is eaten by her "visions", emotions, whims, etc. and never transcends them. This is described in Cuba where individuals who allow themselves to be possessed by the muertos are said to be “f***** by the dead”.

The undifferentiated woman doesn't collect personal labels for herself of things she has objectively achieved or willed, but collects emotional identities and personal limitations all surrounding concepts & extremes of trauma, victimhood, anxiety, extreme empathy, compassion, etc. in a way that is so rampant that it is almost like a type of porn for women, because it is a draining of emotional energy in another unhealthy & illusory way. After all that frenzied externalized emotion that *seems* an indicator of spiritual growth or transformation, when you disregard the illusions, you often realize it was actually the ego flailing around instead and discharging-- and that the true internal state is actually unchanged. A danger arises when one becomes attached to these illusory ups-and-downs, continuing to extol moments of hysteria rather than moments of increased stabilization. Then, there is a notable disconnection from reality and inclination towards fantasy in the behavior of those who mistook a lack of stability for transformation & transcendence, and kept striving after these states of unbalance until all grounding was lost.

Modern spiritual writings for and by women are often riddled with extreme emotionally-based dualities, all regarding what happens *to* you, rather than transcending those things and your attachment or aversion to them, and then asserting will. Because of their polarization towards “feeling”, it's easy for women to confuse emotional experiences with spiritual experiences, when they are in fact very different and even contradictory, because emotions are actually a product of the ego. From my female path course: "When we achieve the state of perfect equilibrium in an occult sense, we prosper in all ways and do not experience emotions other than sexual arousal [[and the love that comes with polarity and energetic exchange, with anyone we love]]. This may sound surprising, but the reason that the pure force of libido/will and love are the only true “emotions” is because all other emotions are essentially signs of falling out of spiritual equilibrium [or being forced out of it by external circumstances], because they serve no purpose and are a result of involuntary energy discharge from elemental imbalance, attempting to align one more with harmony and balance. For example, strong emotions even of things like compassion are often a sign of the unconscious being too far towards severity, and so one feels need to overcompensate, whereas movement towards absolute truth requires no egoic emotion; on your way to truth, one might need to be merciful at times and severe at others, but no grasping towards or aversion towards either is necessary when truth is apparent— you just move towards it with libidinous bliss. Sexual arousal is contrary to other emotions because it is only present in the body when we have excess energy, which is the ideal state, and is a product of bodily health and balance. Emotions such as anger, sadness, compassion, etc. are all actually rooted in the ego when we truly contemplate it, whereas sexual arousal stems only from the desire to dissolve the ego (7th house) and to transcend it."

Women in the modern world are presented often only with spiritual contemplations that are emotionally-based, trying purposefully to churn these impermanent spurts of hormones that are actually unimportant and essentially baseless and without root in truth. With each time she elevates emotion to the level of some awakening, she grows to pride herself on letting the collective and personal unconscious animate her every action, without considering whether she is moved by something authentic to her, or something completely foreign to her; not knowing whether she is pushing an idea because it soothes her emotionally, or because it's objectively true; never learning to make a distinction between her own ego, her circumstances, and her higher consciousness & will. Instead of rising out of nature and individuating (as both men and women need to do in order to achieve liberation) she dissolves her individuality into it and becomes its mouthpiece (letting nature animate her fully), yet also its victim. She becomes a receptacle for any random impression and revels in it, as water is the most easily polluted element. This is why the path for females in Thelema is defined as Agape, as "Love under Will", in that ideally she becomes water in a state of purity, where through her devotion only the strongest force of truth truly animates her:

”To all impressions thus. Let them not overcome thee; yet let them breed within thee. The least of the impressions, come to its perfection, is Pan. Receive a thousand lovers; thou shalt bear but One Child."

This emotionally-based, watery standpoint means that women in spirituality often oscillate between unnecessary extremes like social involvement or total withdrawal; tears of frantic generalized gratitude or tears of frenzied victimhood; and then general "positivity" and “negativity”, with longstanding spiritual movements obsessed with pushing concepts of positivity and love to the level of toxicity, and then, more recently in reaction to this, those constantly writing about embracing negativity and darkness: but it needs to be understood that they're both illusions. There is no moral distinction. Do constructive actions that serve yourself and others, the things that are aligned with your sexual energy and the Universal life-force, and do those things with detachment and steadiness. This ensures that, in becoming a complete being and building an internal "masculine" voice of skepticism, objectivity, and reason, you become the master & even consort of your own natural watery traits, able to use them towards liberation and truth rather than being drowned by them.

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