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Women are Heaven; women are the perfection of Wisdom

Women are heaven; women are dharma; and women are the highest penance. Women are Buddha; women are the Sangha; and women are the perfection of Wisdom.’’ -The Yoni Tantra


Yama is the God of the Dharma (Bharani's deity) and is considered to be the first man who ever died and, thus, fit to show the world how to enter paradise in the afterlife. Yama, the first man, has a twin Sister, Yami, who always wanted to have incestuous intercourse with him, but he refused saying, "The gods are always watching and the ancestors would not approve." He is the God of Restraint and Death and so is always denying himself, just as Yami is the Goddess of freedom and life and does all her desires with no restraint. Yama is the protector and creator of spiritual practice and created many Dharmas (yonis- also associated with Bharani as its symbol) for people, so that each person had the opportunity to find their own unique path/yoni. Each religion is thus a Yoni that each person enters through a desire to follow those rules and restraints to gain the shakti, or power, of that Yoni. Without a Yoni, a person disperses themselves, as the function of a Yoni is to bind, contain, and hold something together. Without a Yoni, a man is like a constantly grounding and dispersing electrical wire, and all of his energy is simply dispersing itself into nothingness-- the abysmal and undefined. A Yoni is like a womb for him and a bank that contains and births all of his outflowing energy to fulfill his desires, and holds and contains it for him to enjoy. This is why it is said in the Yoni Tantra that all sadhana is fruitless without a Yoni. A person eventually leaves their birth religion behind when they create their own and become a Magus, and this is when no Yoni but the one they chose can contain them. What this means is that they follow only their own law and allow others to gain self-realization through following their law or yoni if they want to as well. We all must willingly restrain our senses with the Yoni we desire. If you consider Yoni Mudra, where you cover each one of your sense organs with your fingers, this is the state of being absorbed with the yoni that you choose. If we do not willingly restrain our senses, some yoni will come along and pull us in against our will due to its greater power than our own, and force us to obey it against our will. This is what actually occurs when a person is born into a religion and why people often dislike like their birth religion, as it is actually enslaving them; they had every chance to not get pulled into it before birth, but could not avoid getting born into it. A person always leaves their religion due to Rahu's dislike of being contained in a Yoni (because he is dispersion). You cannot run from your religion, though, because even if you do while you are alive, when you die, that same yoni will just pull you back again but you will be much weaker to it, because you expended all your energy avoiding it. You will then find it even more difficult, if not impossible, to break out of it. You can only leave your religion by practicing it and overcoming that yoni's hold on you, which means gaining the secret teaching and blessing of that Yoni. If there is any religion you have a problem with and do not understand the juicy secret of, that is the yoni you have not overcome, and so you will end up getting trapped in it. When we break out of all yonis, and find our own Yoni of choice, this is our true will or Law that we follow out of love, and this produces bliss because we do not find the restraint uncomfortable due to it being our own personal law. This is why Thelema as a religion gives a great opportunity to those who seize it, because the only law in it is "find your own Yoni" and it restrains nothing, saying a person must determine and choose their own restraint, or allow themselves to disperse, as there is nothing to hold or bind them together. If we accept the Law of Thelema, we are setting our sights on escaping the dangerous female forces that want to trap us in their Yoni and rules forever for their own pleasure at the cost of our freedom. Accepting the Law however, is not so simple and this is why Thelema is often times far more dangerous, as when one is without a yoni/containment, every yoni in the Universe then tries to contain a person, which is why he must overcome all of them and only settle for his own. This is why it is said that if a person "stands for nothing, he will fall for anything"; with no rule or restraint of his sense organs, a powerful yoni comes to restrain our senses for us. This is why in the Yoni Tantra, we are instructed to "Meditate as being absorbed in the yoni chakra,  with yoni on the tongue,  yoni in the mind,  yoni in the ears  and yoni in the eyes. All sadhana is vain unless with the yoni." We all must pick our beautiful woman and goddess and give our senses to her out of our own free will and joy. There are innumerable yonis, just as there are innumerable partners, but due to the fundamental unity behind the cosmos we can group all yonis under 9 categories, which are the 10 Mahavidyas-- the tenth yoni being the "root yoni", or the idea of yoni itself.

image credit: By Kevin Standage ( INDIAN TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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