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Witchcraft (Let the Woman Be Girt With a Sword)

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Due to the immensely popular response that I have gotten from our articles and video that talk about the female magical path, I would like to examine in more detail the phenomenon of Witches and female power in general. Let us consider the negative aspect of female power first. Witches, contrary to what most individuals in the West believe, are alive and well today. Witches are an organic phenomenon not bound by any time, place, or culture. They exist everywhere, and many are unaware of that they are "witches". Witches are wedded to the God of the Material world, a form of Saturn or Satan similar to Pan or the Horned God of the witches Sabbat. This God is the God of the generative force, and so beyond Good or Evil, and witches are his sexual consort. Women can unconsciously become under his power, especially if they are without spiritual protection, or if they become very promiscuous (which is something the God of Generative force is obviously responsible for). He blindly wills desire for sex in all beings without any thought of consequences. He is wholly concerned with the creative sexual force and, paradoxically, is extremely destructive. All individuals while asleep leave their body and wander the Astral plane. They can go anywhere they desire and may or may not remember their nightly journeys. Because individuals do whatever they want while asleep, they often project themselves to individuals they know to have sex with them. Witches travel the astral consciously or unconsciously and create mischief and disasters at the command of their horned God. A witch will often forcefully attempt to enchant and have sex with a man in the dream state, and in our present time often uses photographs to create unconscious suggestions in men who are then vulnerable to her nocturnal visits. This wears away on the man's life force, and due to this God's nature (which is a kind of mixture of Mars and Saturn) it whittles away at many men's energies. Mars always attempts to harm and drain the life force in order to maintain strong lifeforms, as does Saturn. Witches hold their main days of Worship on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and so these days one can more often run into them in one's dreams or become their victims. Religious holidays are also favorite days to attack individuals on. Young children are the favorite victims due to the great solar beauty in which they partake of being the symbol of the Sun in many religions.

These "witch" women are known as Dakinis, Yoginis, and Valkyries, etc. all over the world. Despite what many people think, the term Yogini (in regards to Indian folklore and myth) is actually describing quite an unsettling woman-- not the peaceful sandal-wearing, granola-eating hippy from the West, but actually a woman deeply skilled in casting illusion and causing harm, much more like the popular notion of a Witch. A man must train himself to withstand the assaults of the ravenous Yoginis and Succubi, which assault him as he attempts to cultivate himself on the spiritual path. If he-- through adopting a heroic attitude--succeeds at overcoming them and winning their respect through his sheer virlity and self-mastery they become his protectors and initiate him into the mysteries. All of this effeminate nonsense many men are up to today in the name of spirituality flies in the face of what it takes to succeed at real Occult science. They would be better off weight lifting or entering into manual labor than performing what the common occultist busy's himself with, as both of these things actually are more similar to genuine occult training than the common practices which are often totally intellectual in nature. Again this may offend many, but it is a real fact that those who can succeed at real spiritual practice are seldom drawn to it, and often times those who are seeking it externally are the most unfit. Occultism is for only the strong, and religion rears a person to become fit for the 8th house energies of the Occult. For a man to seek Occult knowledge, he calls forth every disaster and danger possible and he must protect himself or die trying. Occult is do or die, pass or fail-- do not approach unless you know tests are coming, and even then they always come at times least expected. This is not to say the man should fear, for this would only lead to failure. I emphasize the seriousnous of the matter only to not delude those who understand that it is similar to entering into battle or combat and very unpredictable in nature.

A woman can become a witch when she loses her proximity to Yang energy from her Male ancestors, from her Husband, or her sexual partners. If she forsakes love and follows only her sexual hunger, she may become vulnerable to becoming a witch in a negative sense. Symmetry and beauty in a woman is said to come from a her contact and proximity to yang solar energy, and Dhumvati (a Hag goddess who is asymmetrical and hideous) is a Goddess of Widows; she has devoured her husband and now has no male influence. Women can and should demand total sexual satisfaction from their partners, as those men who cannot control their sexual energy can only do her harm. All women partake in serving this God of Nature in greater or lesser degrees. It is important to note that although witches and women possess great destructive capabilities, it is possible for women to apply their unique skills in a positive way.

Women embody the energies of the 8th house (which is ruled by Scorpio in the natural Zodiac) in all ways, and to run from women internally and externally is to be destroyed by them. This is the same with the Occult; we prepare ourselves with Religion, and although it is dangerous to enter onto the path of the Occult, we must do so, for it is our only hope of salvation or Moksha, symbolized by the 12th house energies. To avoid women is to avoid knowledge or Gnosis, and the only true form of Evil is that which is ignorant and, therefore, full of errors. Embrace women completley, as they bestow all knowlege and remove all error within a person. A woman is the Goddess without any training whatsoever. She becomes for a man what he brings to her. If he approaches her without training, she may destroy him, but if he comes to her with skill and finesse and refinment, she saves him. And contrary to the popular notions, she is all that can save man from his inevtable spritual fate. If a man wishes to train himself, he may become a God, but ALL woman are Goddesses without exception and need not train. In fact, to train as a man does actually seperates herself from her Feminine nature, which is latent and potential, only responding appropriatley to what is exerted upon it. For her to imitate a man is to deny and castrate herself from her actual power and force. It has become popular to accost and deride women who wish to beautify, perfume, or ornament themselves. We find this to be responsible for all of socieites sexual ills. Due to the influence of Christianity on our customs, many women only beautify and ornament themselves in order to please random strangers (as when they are young, they do not care to go along with Christian teachings) and upon marrying, they shut off and  neglect their appearance totally, subconsciously believing it to be the art of immature women or prosititues. In "The Instructions of Commodianus in Favor of Christian Discipline Against the Gods of the Heathens", which expresses the opinions of the early Church Fathers, we find the following "Do ye, O good matrons, flee from adornment of vanity; such attire is fitting for women who haunt the brothels ... To a wife approved of her husband, let it suffice that she is so, not by her dress, but by her good dispostion." It was said that the arts of Herbalism, Astrology, Metallurgy, and Cosmetics were taught to women by Angels who desired them sexually and fell from heaven. The Angel/Demon (depending on your perspective) said to teach these mysteries was called Azazel. It was also considered by the early church fathers to be better to castrate oneself or remain a perpetual virgin than to love and be with a woman. How refusing to use or cutting off a perfectly healthy generative organ-- or further, believing it brings spiritual benefit-- is beyond me. The only way to achieve salvation is the reuniting of man and woman.

If we consider the above, it is no surprise that divorce, pornography, and promiscuity are rampant in Western society! The sexual force cannot be suppressed and if it is, it simply channels itself into these unwholesome and harmful pursuits. Men have no real way to experience the Venusian and feminine delights except through a woman, so should she begin to deny herself these things, she is also denying him. A woman is, for a man, an embodiment of his fantasies. She is Maya, which is his energy projected into matter. If a man were to run from Maya, she controls him-- Shakti does not control anything, she is what Shiva controls; for a woman to control herself is to imitate the man. She must be wild, passionate and untamed, as such is her nature as an embodiment of power. So we find that many Western men consume large quantities of porn or visit prostitutes to get a taste of feminine energy. Worse still is the woman who allows herself to believe that feminine adornment or indulging in her cravings and desires is somehow wrong, therefore destroying the lunar energy within herself, and so she becomes frigid and bitter. Alternatively, she seeks a man who is not her husband-- her husband, due to our cultural programming of teaching women to deny themselves and flee femininity, she now despises. Now, the enchantment and joy of sex is lost for the most part in the West, with both men and women being deeply harmed by it instead of redeemed by it.

It is here that I would like to quote the Female Adept, Ida Craddock-- an Ashleesha Sun native-- on these matters: " "Let us remember that these and similar teachings by the early Christian Fathers have laid the foundation of our present marriage customs. The theory (is) that a woman sins in adorning herself to please her husband (whether present or prospective) and the theory is still indescribably popular among devout Christians." This mindset is responsible for more suffering than most individuals would believe, as removing the feminine force creates death, as desire is what spurs life and the creative energy. Control of the creative sexual life force produces Genius.

Women: embrace yourselves and enjoy your beautiful female incarnation. 

Let the woman be girt with a sword before me - Liber Legis, III:11

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1 commentaire

Divine Lotus
Divine Lotus
10 mars 2019

when I was 15 to 16 years Jupiter transit over my moon came and I left my church and started to study astrology because literaly to be there was killing me and making me sick. Incredibly, I felt way better and God could finally speak with me because there were no human lies between me and him.

I think sometimes church works like a solar eclipse, God being the Sun irradiating his pure light is always stable, never changes and is in the same place always, but then moon comes and just cover him, making that dark shadow that is so scary and made people believe in things like the end of the world... well, is really the end of…

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