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Which God sees you as a Puppy? Which God sees you as a Cockroach?

Humans tend to think of themselves as at the top of the food chain, which is true from a limited materialistic perspective, but not in the spiritual realm. When a human being prays to the appropriate God or an Angel, the feeling for the God/Goddess is a lot like how humans find puppies cute and endearing and want to play and take care of them. For the sympathetic deity, it is almost as if they have no choice but to obey the sincere cry of a "cute" human who calls out to them for aid. However, each God finds different human beings adorable (like a puppy), offensive (like a cockroach), or appetizing (like a chocolate cake), etc. depending on his or her nature. This is why in many cultures each person is categorized as the "child" of a particular deity or force of nature, as it is the one most sympathetic to them. Rituals are done to align the person with that resonant and compatible "parent" so as not to fall prey to forces of nature that have more sinister and hostile feelings toward the individual due to incompatibility. Hardships in life can occur from mistakingly (through lack of awareness) surrounding oneself in too many adverse energies and forces, and falling out of alignment with the specific forces that "like" you; colors, places, people, scents, etc. of energies conflicting your nature can cause serious issues as they bombard and blot out your nature. Because Gods and Angels are forces of nature and each react differently to us based on our inward disposition, there is an element of danger associated with real occult practices, which deals with controlling and manipulating these forces of nature. To actually see the real form of a Goddess can fill one with both nauseating sickness at the smallness and insignificance of one's own human form, and a sort of terrifying fascination. This is why one's true inner nature and innate reactions towards a Goddess is key, as having uncontrolled passions or desires when calling a force of nature can provoke an unfortunate reaction for the human being. A man prays to a Goddess for many years, and finally she appears to him and asks him what he wants. Due to seeing her as she is, and her incredible beauty and power, he falls under her darker more consuming side and asks for her sexually. She grants this request, but due to her inhuman passion, she overwhelms him and he drowns in her immense being, as if he were drowned in the ocean. This is why intention is very important when performing intense practice, and why there are so many "genie in the bottle" careful-what-you-wish-for stories... and tales of different asuras being granted boons by Gods like Shiva who give them easily, and then, having them, backfire on the recipient. It is no secret that Gods and Goddesses find consuming human beings very intoxicating, and many Gods and Goddesses were, and still sometimes are, worshipped with human sacrifice. This idea is present in all older religions around the world. In our modern time, this idea of "aliens" or "demons" who wish to use the human race for food and slavery is spoken of in many conspiracy theories, but there is an element of truth to these tales. From a dualistic perspective, it appears that the world is harshly divided between "good" forces who wish to nourish us, and "evil" forces who wish to destroy or consume us... but in reality, all deities are non-dual and simply "are" and react to each person according to the human's inner nature. Fire cooks food so we can consume it, but also consumes things itself, which is why offerings are made into fire. It all comes down to perspective and intention. We can be the puppy of a God or Goddess and grow and develop ourselves until we become as they are, or we can become their food, all depending on how we conduct ourselves. This is why "willpower" and respecting oneself and one's rights is so important, because there are so many forces which will not hesitate to control or subordinate you for their own desire. This is also why it is said "thou hast no right but to do thy will." If we find ourselves in a negative position of subservience, we have only ourselves to blame, as if we do not "do what we will" we have no "right" to complain if we allow ourselves to be controlled by a will that is greater than ours.


"I was in the death struggle with self: God and Satan fought for my soul those three long hours. God conquered — now I have only one doubt left — which of the twain was God?" -Crowley


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