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Turning the Kundalini Snake into a Dragon

From my instagram @claire.nakti in 2017

⬜️⬛️Moon is in Ardra today, a sign of great duality. Ardra is a nakshatra which gives amazing natural ability for evoking and controlling spirits. The sharp and antagonistic nature of the sign, as well as Rudra (Ardra's deity) being the lord of wild or strange beings and storms/the hunt (why I am wearing this pelt and we found Ardra moon women love wearing animal print and fur), means that this nakshatra a great time for performing tight, clean, and effective transactions with spirits for magical purposes, and ensures that we do not slip up or lose control around them or during the operation, when our aura churns from contact with a spirit. Evocation of Elemental spirits plays a very important role in 8th degree O.T.O. for example, in which a person must evoke and control 4 elemental spirits and keep them as familiars. This is in order to keep the elemental constitution balanced and constantly churned through the rotation of their hours of service, and thus gains a more dynamic method of keeping elemental equilibrium. Contrary to popular belief, working with spirits plays a huge role in mystical and magical practices all around the world. From spirits of the dead to voluptuous yakshinis, many different types of Occultists work with spirits in different ways. In Thelema, which is deeply intertwined with Hermetic philosophy and practice, one absorbs both demonic and celestial elements into one's being, seeking a perfect balance between Yin and Yang forces. This is why Freemasonry, which is very influenced by Hermeticism, has black and white chessboard tile in their lodges, indicating a perfect balance of yin and yang. The Demonic is, in actuality, not "evil"; it is simply "yin", which makes it very dangerous to lose control around. In William Blakes work "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" we find a very important perspective on the purpose of chthonic forces. In truth, when we call certain Deities or Angel's who have dominion over certain "evil" beings, we essentially call the yang half of the being which is "good" in that it is celestial and has control over itself. When we call the demon or Yin half, we call the uncontrollable and consuming aspect, which is considered "evil" in that it is not able to control itself, but does contain all the power/Shakti of the yang half. We ourselves each have a personal daemon or demon that was given to us by God as a protective familiar spirit, which acts a messenger for us. It brings information to us and can be used to communicate with others as well. It is the total control over our personal daemon/demon (which is a kind of familiar)  that leads us to all occult siddhis or powers and, when raised to the Ajna chakra, causes our personal serpent to blaze upon our brow, turning it into a Dragon or "Flying Serpent". This is the lamp which the Hermit holds while standing on the "Stairway to Heaven", in order to give his light to weary travelers attempting to ascend the spinal mountain.

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