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"To be devoured, is the equivalent of initiation."

All would-be adepts must be devoured by the serpent, which swallows each chakra as they climb the sacred mountain of the spinal column. As women, our role as Kundry is to be spiritual initiators for men in order that they might have a chance to quest after the favor of the Goddess and attain liberation. To initiate a man... we have to attempt to devour him. When a man has sex with a woman, a fierce internal battle occurs as the man struggles to maintain his yang individuality during the sexual act; he is literally being engulfed in the flesh and yin energy of the woman, which threatens to swallow him whole. Many men feel this subconsciously and flee from performing their sexual duties towards the Goddess, but this is no escape from the serpent, which eventually devours the entire universe in the great night of dissolution. Eventually, yin consumes everything and all of existence, and so there is no use in running from it. This is why avoiding yin in any form such as from avoidance of drinking alcohol, eating meat, or interacting with women, is not needed to be done permanently; these are tools to overcome the power of yin in a ritualistic manner (as taught in "left-hand path" traditions). If a man fears the yoni/yin energy, he will eventually come to be consumed by it and digested by it. A person who wants to practice Vira Sadhana, though, must desire to actually overcome and please the yoni, causing it to gush forth its bounty and blessings. He must willingly enter the Yoni and allow himself to be devoured in order to have the opportunity to succeed and perform the miracle of redemption. Yama is often called the God of the Dead and he rules Bharani nakshatra, which has the yoni as its symbol. There is a deep meaning here because death is an immersion in the yin field, which is like a giant yoni. Immersion in the yin causes a loss of one's yang energy and we then get sucked into the yoni of a woman who then becomes our mother. If a person wants to master death, they must master the Yoni and learn how to take their yang energy with them. This is why the Death tarot card is the card ruling the practical side of sexual Magick for women, as the female yin force is analogous to tamas, which is sleep and death. This is also why men must be very careful with how they use their sexual energy if they want to be spiritual, because a female adept (Bhairavi) who is more powerful than him sexually could literally-- through overpowering him sexually-- consume his entire being into her yoni. This is why Bhairavi is known as terrifiying and it is important to remember that a fully trained female Tantrik is a literal conduit for this Goddess and force. These women often travel and have intercourse on the dream plane with those who lust after them and initiate sincere individuals who say her Mantra and ask for initiation. She refuses no one, but you have to be sure you want to approach her and are able to worship her yoni... what it really means. Her mantra is Hssraim Hssklrim Hssraum.

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