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The world’s oldest profession


The moon is in Bharani today (the nakshatra in Mid-Aries), which rules the yoni-- so here are some contemplations on its destructive as well as liberating elements: Prostitution, often said to be "the world's oldest profession", has quite a bit of powerful occult experiential knowledge passed down in places with strong traditions of the craft, despite the negative stigma that goes along with it. For example, there are many magical preparations employed by prostitutes to draw steady docile clients who tip generously that utilize many materials from cemeteries and cremation grounds. Methods for how to induce animalistic tendencies in different types of men are learned over time that are very effective. The Prostitute and the Goddess Bhairavi are essentially one and the same, for their work revolves all around the body and sex.  A certain branch of the Chandra Vignan (lunar science) deals with understanding how to embody a person's specific internal sexual fantasy,  taking on the energetic form that most causes the client to project his sexual energy into matter, viewing her as his "dream woman". Learning how to form a link to a man and feed him his fantasy is the essence of the work of a Bhairavi. In many cultures, the use of feeding men portions of menstrual blood in dark liquids or foods in order to control him are very well known, so much so that in areas with strong traditions of witchcraft, most men will not accept food or drink from women they don't trust for fear of this type of influence. This is the essence of the mysteries of the Moon, which conceal the most terrifying evils, but also the highest and most pure mysteries regarding the Divine Mother. The Menstrual blood is the key to both heaven or hell as they are really the same place; only one's individual relation to the Goddess differs, which makes it paradise or torture. The contemplation of a menstruating Yoni itself is capable of bringing siddhis, and intercourse with a menstruating woman does even more, and is so powerful that it cannot even be adequately described in words. This is why those who know the deepest mysteries of the Moon find all other forms of worship inferior compared to its power. The yoni can make you immortal, incredibly strong, wealthy, capable of destroying your enemies, and perfect in every aspect of your being, leading you to liberation... or, it can sap and drain all of one's masculinity, make one overrun by his enemies, ruin his mind & consume his intelligence, and erode away one's willpower with it's intoxicating juiciness, all depending on how it is approached. It is often said that those who know the true power of the Yoni become white in the face when the topic is brought up and this is why the utmost purity is required if one wishes to worship the Yoni. The word Yoni itself is one of the most powerful prayers a person can recite: "Yoni" over and over leads one to both self-realization and satisfaction of all one's worldly desires. The nature of the Moon is to reflect, and when one approaches woman, she reflects his own nature back to him. How much a man likes woman and his overall relation and experience with them shows his spiritual progress. This is why those who state that woman are evil, or that sex with women leads to ruin, are really just admitting their own impurity and weakness despite how pious they believe they are. The superior man worships the beautiful, lustrous yoni and attains pleasure, liberation, and freedom from all difficulties, never being harmed by it. A person is harmed not by women, alcohol, drugs, nor anything else; the only true harm that can come to any person is that which they do to themselves. For this reason, if a man wants to gauge his spiritual progress, he should contemplate his own relation to woman and the Goddess, and seek to improve his relationship with them. If a man takes a woman he finds beautiful and performs worship and intercourse on her living body, she will become the living Goddess to him and give him more than he could ever dream of. There is no reason for a man to give up his "dream woman", and the Goddess will liberate him from consuming his ego, essentially feeding himself to her in a blissful manner. If we generate our solar body, we can joyfully feed her our impure ego, as doing so will be a relief to us because as long as we possess it, we can accidentally lose control and fall prey to it. When we pray "Jai Ma", we are praying for the Divine Mother to vanquish and kill us, and for her to achieve victory.

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